While you were sleeping: The good and/or bad news is there'll be more months like this

It's called winter. Get used to it.

MONTREAL, QUE.: January 25, 2021 -- A man enjoys the bright afternoon sun to get some ice time in at Molson Park in Montreal, on Monday, January 25, 2021. (Allen McInnis / MONTREAL GAZETTE) ORG XMIT: 65660

The Liberal leader said her party agrees French needs reinforcing in Quebec and has voted to that effect several times in the last few months, including saying yes to the idea of extending Bill 101’s rules to federally regulated businesses. But commenting on the road ahead, Anglade said she wants the process to be inclusive to avoid opening wounds. “We have to ensure that all services given to the (English-speaking) community be maintained,” Anglade told reporters at a virtual news conference wrapping up a party pre-session caucus meeting. “The anglophone community has the right to certain services.

“We are being careful. Effectively, you can expect that in the greater Montreal region, significant measures will remain,” Legault said. The premier added the situation is still “very difficult” in Montreal-area hospitals, where 1,040 people are hospitalized due to COVID-19. Hospitals in this region are doing only about half the surgeries and treatments they would be doing if not for the pandemic.

Here’s what happened Tuesday evening.

Justice Chantal Masse noted that “serious questions were raised” while the issue was debated before her. One question, she wrote, is whether the curfew affects homeless people “in a way that is not justified and is contrary to the principals of fundamental justice.” Another question, the judge wrote, is whether “the measure has a discriminatory and disproportionate affect on people in a homeless situation, and that, in a way contrary” to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as Quebec’s charter. Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante wrote the decision “will facilitate the lives of people in homeless situations and those of the intervenors on the ground who come to their aid.”

The Montreal police hate crimes unit is investigating anti-Semitic comments posted on Facebook and other social media, including death threats, by people reacting to how police broke up several gatherings at places of worship in the city last weekend. Lawyer Laurent Sabbah said he decided to file a complaint with the Montreal police after several members of the city’s Jewish community contacted him to report seeing anti-semitic comments on Facebook and similar social media. Sabbah declined to send the Montreal Gazette some examples of the comments and threats because he does not want to impede the police investigation. A spokesperson for the Montreal police said that, as a policy, they do not comment on complaints.

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