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9 best exfoliating gloves and mitts for soft, glowing skin this summer

Due to their large size, these gloves are very slippery and Comes with a convenient loop to hang and dry. Named for its 2-1 for having a rough side for exfoliation and a soft, gentle side for cleansing, it feels more like a luxury process than a mandatory task.Our testers enjoyed adding body wash on the softer side for post-scrub cleansing. I buffed it in. It was gentle enough to be used dry as well as a dry brush. For those with limited mobility or those who have trouble reaching their legs or back, the Shower Back Strap (£4.80, is ideal for those hard to reach areas.

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Classic Exfoliating Gloves, Soaps & Glory is a fail-safe option for low-cost luxuries and skin care essentials. The bright pink color brightened our tester's bathroom and was very easy to use.

Made from 100% nylon, it's fairly rough and has elastic finger holes that allow it to get into all corners. The wrist part is double layered, so you don't have to worry about it breaking when you put it on or take it off. Again, these gloves have a nifty loop so you can hang them up to dry. Recommended, but the brand recommends wearing it to wash off your body. Killing two birds with one stone.

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Best:Powerful Exfoliating

Now, this is an exfoliating mitt for those who really like rough rubbing (hmm). Our testers also used this on tough skin areas such as heels and feet and were impressed with how well it removed this stubborn skin. The design of the is smaller and fits snugly in the tester's hand. The black color scheme was perfect for those who prefer a minimalist bathroom aesthetic, and made it easier to see exactly what was going on in a very engaging way.

Sensitive I have to stress that people with skin may want to consider other options, but this is a really great choice for those who want a powerful product.

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Famous Known for having an impressive roster of clients, Sarah Chapman is the go-to brand for luxury skin care.

Just like the body mini exfoliation mitts, these mini mitts are textured on one side and soft on the other, making them easy to wear. You can fit it on your finger and perform deeper cleansing. We used it with No7 Cleansing Balm (review here) and were really impressed with how clean my skin felt afterward. It can handle dreaded glitter eyeshadows just fine.

The whole process felt more like a spa-like experience than a normal laundry routine. You can wash and reuse the mitts many times.

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These bath gloves are £4 and The Body Shop is a budget-friendly, long-lasting option. Brighten up your bathroom with her four colors of pink, green, yellow and orange.

A typical glove style that goes into every crease, between the toes and around the bikini line to prevent ingrown hairs. They weren't as harsh as the other options in this roundup, so they're a better option for milder exfoliation or sensitive skin.Our testers used them to apply body washes, skin and gloves. It provided lubrication during cleaning and cleaned deeper in less time.

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Use Fake Tan – Tan A key step in the pre-prep – that's exactly what our testers used it for. It wasn't the most intense exfoliation, but the fine ridges also dispelled dead skin and remnants of lingering old tans.

More like a sock than a glove or mitt, it has only one hand space, a tight wristband, and a secure fit that makes it easy to use and keeps fingers in the correct holes. You don't have to worry about trying to put

Double-sided so it's easy to rotate and can be used all over the body, including the back. Like most other mitts here, this one is only recommended to be used in damp conditions and on damp skin.


Face halos are quite controversial Featuring reusable face pads that our testers already use on a daily basis, it's no surprise that body mitts were one of the first options to try in our roundup of exfoliating gloves and mitts.

It has a fluffy surface and at first glance it doesn't look very effective, but I was really impressed with how quickly it exfoliated after I started using it. One side was more textured and perfect for a deep exfoliation that really works on tougher areas like feet and hands.The other side is softer and designed to buff the body after scrubbing. It gave me great results without any blemishes.

Another great advantage of him is that it can be used up to 200 times on both wet and dry skin making it great value for money .

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Being a budget-friendly product, it's no surprise that it offers one of the cheapest exfoliating gloves on offer.The simple design of the 100% nylon glove doesn't come with flashy features. , just get the job done.

Like other exfoliating gloves in this Roundup, they are great for covering all areas (except the face). But again, for an effective, quick, and less-blemish feel, we recommend using it on damp skin and body wash.If you prefer dry exfoliation for a gentler option. offers the Superdrug spaa Body Exfoliating Gloves (£3.49, in a thicker, softer version that offers even more of a spa feel.

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For regular use with light exfoliation or for sensitive skin, we recommend the Ameliorate Body Mitt. This is a double sided, sock-like mitt with a tight wrist strap that is easy to use.

Specifically designed to help with ingrown hairs, it is gentle enough to be used on more delicate areas of the body (not the face) without irritation, yet effectively removes dead skin cells. increase. And being black, our fair-skinned testers took great delight in being able to see just how much buffing the mitts had.