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ROCK Stars mistakenly believe that their warped imaginations strike fear into the minds of ordinary people. Here's a "horrible" record that made you go "yeah, whatever."

Number of Beasts, Iron Maiden

He has two obstacles to taking Iron Maiden's interest in Satan seriously. Dickinson. Should Beelzebub chat with him, he would certainly say: And don't go on about your pilot's license... nobody cares, posh boy. Very disturbing, but not nearly as much as the original lyrics, which included a reference to the death of the cot, until the producers changed it to understandably. I thought it would be fine to lock out with .

Fear of Public Enemy Black Planet

If you are a non-racist liberal and not a member of a clan, you have nothing to fear. No, but No Problem on a Literally Racially Diverse Planet is not a very good album title. Includes strange physical education masterpieces including "Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man". Fans will find Flavor Flav's personal life to be the scariest part of this album.

World News, Queen

The cover depicts a giant robot holding the dismembered and bloodied corpses of Freddie and others. But when you actually listen to it, you're back to standard Queen tunes like "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions," songs that are now reminiscent of boring sports victories. Not a killer robot in sight. Even the track "All Dead, All Dead" was inspired by Brian May's dead cat. That's horrible.

Def Leppard, pyromania

"Scary Songs" over-represents heavy metal, but the idea of ​​burning out is truly terrifying Thing. Fortunately, the album isn't about that. The song is like "Rock Rock (Till You Drop)" despite the fiery building on the cover. As far as we know, Def Leppard himself has no interest in arson. This is good, but unfortunately not real.

Desire for Destruction, Guns N' Roses

Desire for CakeNever mind Axl Rose's recent appearance If. The "Welcome to the Jungle" video is pretty scary, but maybe it's a late-night bus trip. The original cover featured a robot rapist, his victims, and a monster. Not as scary as an aggressive boy. This has been replaced with a picture of the band with a skull on their face that looks like a children's cartoon spin-off of Pirates of the Caribbean. And it's as terrifying as it sounds.