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Ancient half-blind arctic shark found in the Caribbean that lives to be 500 years old

The shark, normally found deep in the icy waters of the Arctic, was spotted swimming 4,000 miles away in the temperate Caribbean Sea. Scientists couldn't believe it.

The seemingly-missing shark in Greenland was found inoff the coast of Belize inCentral America by a team of researchers. showed up while on a fishing boattagging a tiger shark.

Her Devanshi Kasana, a doctoral student at the Florida International University, was part of a crew that worked with local fishermen. Like "pretty dull creatures."

Greenland The shark is hemianopia and can grow to an average length of 5 meters (


Julius Nilsen/PA)

She added: "At first, I was convinced that she was something like a six-girdled shark,well known in the depths of the reef.

." So did the fishermen. They had never seen anything like this in all their years of fishing combined.

Kasana took a picture of the enigmatic animal and sent it to her advisor. The advisor said it looked like a Greenland shark. It was quickly confirmed by a specific species expert.

The body of a Greenland shark believed to have been born when Henry VIII was king was found in Cornwall this year. Found (


Dotted Zebra/Alamy Stock Photo)

Another possibility is , which may be a hybrid of Greenland and Pacific sleepers. shark.

Omar Four, afishermanon a boat said: Belize, but I didn't expect to catch a Greenland shark.

This is the first time a large shark has been seen in the western Caribbean away from her second-largest reef in the world, according to the


According to the International Shark Attack File, only one recorded attack on humans by a Greenland shark } (


Julius Nilsen/PA)

Hemiblind Greenland sharks are rare and most Long-lived vertebrae animals are known, with an estimated age of 250-500 years.

Earlier this year, the body of a Greenlandic shark, believed to have originated in the Tudor era, was found on a beach atNewlyn He Harbor near Penzance, Cornwall.

A spokesperson for Mermaid Pleasure Trips, who spotted the shark after it was pushed back into the ocean by the tide, said: ."

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