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Animal welfare charity granted permission to seek judicial review of cosmetic testing

Animal Welfare Charity has been granted permission to seek judicial review by theMinistry of Home Affairs and isprohibited from cosmetic testing?

Cruelty Free International (CFI) — the main animal protection group behind the lawsuit — was first launched in 1998 by the government.

They argued that the Home Office "seems to be telling the public that animal testing of cosmetics is prohibited in the UK."

Last year officials said UK regulations on testing required certain ingredients to be tested to ensure safety.

in a letter to the CFI in August 2021 In it, the Home Office said the ban on animal testing of finished cosmetics, but not individual ingredients, remains in effect.

"The principles of the 1997/98 policy, namely that animal testing for the registration and marketing of finished cosmetic products is unnecessary and therefore not permissible, remain in force," the letter said. added.

However,The letter, first obtained by The Guardian,states that the Home Office has "publicized its position by officially announcing its latest policies and regulations." to clarify,” he added. Guidance on Regulation of Animal Testing”.

However, CFI's Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs Kerry Postlewhite said:

“The Home Office, in a letter to us in August 2021, approved animal testing of some, if not all, cosmetic ingredients, including those used exclusively in cosmetics.

She added: "The government seems to be telling the public one thing — that cosmetic animal testing is prohibited in the UK — and indeed seems to be doing something completely different."

"We know from the polls." A poll conducted by YouGov last fall found that 85 percent believe that testing cosmetic ingredients on animals is unacceptable.

A government spokesperson said The Independentsays:

"Because of the small scale procedures still performed on animals, this research is essential for the development of new drugs and cutting-edge medical technology."

"Consumption Animal testing of cosmetics to allow marketing to consumers has been banned in the UK since 1998, and there have been no recent changes to this law.”