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AOC shares stories of sexual assault at New York's abortion rally and urges Biden to open a federal abortion clinic

Hundreds of people gathered at Union Square in New York City to listen after the

USSupreme Courtoverturned the rights protection ofabortion. Tilt or share their own stories about abortion and access to it, including Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

On Friday night, people just hours after a conservative majority of the State's Supreme Court broke a groundbreaking law that allowed pregnant people to self-govern their bodies. Gathers all over New York, Union Square and Washington Square Park.

During a rally at Union Square, the public made a circle around a microphone set up by an abortion-supporting organization, and after people went up to share their story about abortion, people Listened as.

Crowds at an abortion-friendly event at Union Square in New York City on Friday.


Some of the people I talked to had an abortion on their own, while others had an abortion on their loved ones. Experience andRoe vWadehave overthrown.

Someone read the story of a woman named Margarita who was raped and pregnant at the age of 19 in 1966. As Margarita was heard, the crowd began to bark, as Congressman Ocasio Cortez made. Her way towards the microphone.

Despite the cheers, Congressman Ocasio Cortez asked the reader of Margarita's story to finish before taking the microphone himself.

To spread the cheers, lawmakers explained how they had just left the plane from Washington, DC, and told the crowd:

"I would like to take a moment to tell this spirit and story of this space. Until about four years ago, I was a waitress in this corner. Now Chase Bank "That's what the 32-year-old woman recalls. She elaborated on how there was a free family medical center a few doors down from the coffee shop where she worked.

Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez at an abortion event at Union Square in New York City.


Congressman Ocasio Cortez has an abortion before sharing the story of her sexual assault. And explained how she helped her friend through sexual assault.

"I myself was raped when I was 22 or 23 when I lived here in New York. I was completely alone. In fact, I felt so lonely, so I had to have a pregnancy test in a public toilet in Midtown, Manhattan, "she said.

"When I sat there waiting for the results, all I could think of was at least thank God for having choices. Thank God. At least I was free to choose my destiny. I didn't know it would be negative because I was waiting at that time. But that doesn't matter. This is for all of us. This is not a matter of women's rights. It is a matter for all of us. "

Then Congressman Ocasio Cortez gave the crowd the imagination of the tools available to do this right. "Open it further," and called on President Joe Byden to "open." An abortion clinic currently on federal land.

"We have a responsibility to protect people for as long as possible while doing the ongoing outside and inside work needed to accomplish that. That's our job." She continued.

Immediately after Congressman Ocasio Cortez's speech, Governor Kathy Hokul attended the event and shared some words with the crowd.

"We are in solidarity with sisters across the country who are currently denied rights. Here in New York, as the first female governor, this is very personal to all of us. That's it. We stand up and fight back. We've allocated $ 35 million to prevent abortion providers from taking care of their citizens, but it will be a safe port for women all over the country. You can come to New York and we will take care of you, "Hokuru said.

Governor Kathy Hokul at an abortion-friendly event at Union Square in New York City.


The Governor continued to accuse the Supreme Court of being "most reactionary."

"My God, the Supreme Court don't care about us anymore. This is the most reactionary Supreme Court we have ever seen. This is a dark day. She said she plans to call back to the New York State Court next week to pass a bill to protect all of our rights.

Prior to the advent of both Congressman Ocasio Cortez and Governor Hokur, many of the shared abortion stories symbolize the various experiences that potentially pregnant people can endure throughout their lives. was doing.

"I'm a woman with a disability. I didn't expect to wake up today. When I get pregnant, I lose the right to an abortion. With my disability, I could probably die. There was, "one said to the crowd.

A man went on stage and talked about how his great-grandmother died in a tort.

"It was 1943. Like most people who had an abortion today, including my grandmother, who was seven at the time, she already had three children." He explained earlier. His great-grandmother added that she died because she couldn't go to the hospital "beginning to bleed and being too afraid of the law."

A person named Athena shared the story of having an abortion at the age of 17.

She applauded the crowd, "I quickly realized that abortion was the right choice for me." "But at the time of my pregnancy, I could not have an abortion in that state without the consent of my parents."

At Union Square in New York City. A person talking at an abortion-friendly event.


How they had to take a bus across state borders to access abortion medicine I shared. Unfortunately, "it was too late for me to take the pill" because of how long it took them and their partners to save money to travel. After that, they were forced to repeat their trips to undergo a surgical abortion.

"The time between the delay in booking an abortion drug and the final abortion at the clinic is still ambiguous. Morning sickness has become so severe that I can no longer live in a dormitory or go to class. I felt lonely, sick, and alone. In the end, I was so late at school that I couldn't finish my first semester, "they recalled.

In another story that wept a lot of the crowd, OB / GYN Kameelah Philips shared how she cried when she gave birth to a baby named Georgia on Friday morning. did.

"I cried because I realized that she had less rights than anyone in the room who was there to take her to this world. It broke my heart. I am the provider of your abortion, "added Dr. Phillips. work. Fertility people have an abortion for unimaginable reasons.