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Archaeological Discovery: Heracles Head Found in a Treasury of Shipwrecks 2,000 Years Ago

Netherlands: Roman sanctuary found in Gerderland

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Roman ship sank near Antikythera, a Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea It is believed that sea divers in the second quarter of the 1st century BC first discovered many stunning crafts from a shipwreck 100 years ago, but experts were the first to accurately digital 3D models of a shipwreck. After creating the phase of, a wealth of new treasures were discovered.

The scientists used created a model using thousands of underwater photographs of the undersea site with a technique known as photographic surveying.

This new model could make more discoveries, but it's not the only one that has helped experts discover the treasure trove.

It is believed that the earthquake struck after the ship sank, and archaeologists had to remove some of the large rocks scattered on the shipwreck as a result of the incident.

In May and June of this year, experts used a pressurized airbag underwater lifting device to remove rocks. Part of it weighed about 9.5 tons (8.5 metric tons).


Marble with Hercules' head The model was found on a Roman shipwreck 2000 years ago(Image: HELLENIC MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND SPORTS)

Hercules head

"This is the most impressive piece of marble"(Image: HELLENIC MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND SPORTS)

After this, the enormous treasure that was once contained in the hull of the ship was revealed.

While doing this, marine archaeologists are reported to have worked at a depth of 50 meters.

The ship was once thought to have been about 180 feet long, but experts say the wooden hull has since rotted.

It was a huge marble head of a sculpture that seems to depict Greek / Roman Demi God Hercules in the treasure.

Professor Lauren zBaumer, an archaeologist at the University of Geneva, states that is: . 

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Divers removing boulder

Archaeologists have found some large rocks scattered on the shipwreck. Needed to be removed(Image: HELLENIC MINISTRY OF Culture and Sports)

"Twice as big as life, big beard, very special face, He has short hair. There is no doubt that he is Hercules. "

Experts say that this head was once discovered by divers in 1900, along with the rest of Hercules' body. I suspect it was attached to the sculpture.

During this time, they also discovered the Antikythera mechanism-a mechanical model of the sun, moon, and planet currently on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

Professor Lorenz Baumer said both discoveries were likely made in the same area of ​​the ship.

He tells Live Science:

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The research team also found two humans teeth in marine deposits(Image: HELLENIC MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND SPORTS)

"About 50 meters [164 feet] in diameter and covered with rock. [More fragments] may be hidden in the rock, but they can be everywhere."

The ship also contained Greek artwork, numerous bronze statues, and more than 38 marble sculptures.

The research team also found two human teeth and pieces of copper and wood in marine deposits.

Currently, experts want to analyze the enamel isotopes of teeth to help clarify the geochemistry of the environment when the teeth are formed.

Hercules statue

Experts have their heads attached once To a sculpture containing the rest of Hercules' body(Image: Getty)

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Kythira Mayor Stratos Charchalakis said:

"The truth is that the shipwreck had a huge social and economic impact on the island, which has only 30 inhabitants. It helped keep the store and people moving. . "