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Big Brother fans furiously claim Yinrun’s rule break was ‘fixed’ as the housemates up for eviction are revealed

BIG Brother fans are convinced the nomination result has been fixed after watching Yinrun's rule break.

The Chinese housemate was seen telling Henry about her voting dilemma, which was deemed as discussing nominations.

Yinrun said in a conversation with Henry: "I don't know if this was talking about nominations."

"I don't think you should say if you're unsure," replied Henry.

Yinrun added: "I think I will say it. My vote has two meanings. One is how I feel. The other is how I can change other's fate.

"If I go for my emotion it may change the fate of the people I want to save.

"Which should I go for?"

Henry replied: "I can't say."

Viewers didn't believe what Yinrun said was worthy of jailtime and her nominations being revoked.

Dylan, Hallie and Trish received the most nominations from their fellow housemates.

Trish received five nominations from Dylan, Jenkin, Kerry, Paul and Tom. Dylan received four nominations from Kerry, Noky, Olivia and Trish. Hallie received four nominations from Chanelle, Jenkin, Jordan and Tom. 

Yinrun's rule break resulted in her nominations for Hallie and Kerry being revoked, ultimately leading to Dylan facing the public vote alongside Hallie and Trish.

Viewers claim Big Brother deliberately wanted her nominations banned to save Hallie from eviction by giving her another housemate to go up against on Friday.

One said: "Big Brother why are you fixing the show. Yinrun said nothing of nothing.

"It’s a FIX. Seems like you have a narrative you want to see unfold. Messing with who is up for nomination this week - Shame on you!!"

Another added: "So hallie breaks rules twice gets jail and holds up stupid board, yinrun does it once gets jail and her first vote nomination doesn't count which was for hallie, I'm thinking BBs a fix and trying too get hallie to final."

Someone else asked: "Am i supposed to have seen the moment yinrun broke the rules yet???"

Yinrun squealed as she broke down in tears as she apologised to her housemates.