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Boris Johnson: 15 of the most tragic mistakes and complaints of the outgoing Prime Minister

Boris Johnsonresigns as Prime Ministerafter three years of turbulent power and two extraordinary days in Westminster. Finally announced.

The drama begins Tuesday at 6 pm, with Health SecretarySajidJavidand Prime MinisterRishiSunakresigning, losing confidence in Johnson's scandal-filled leadership. Said that. His dishonesty against the sexual harassment ofCrispincherwas clearly the last straw for both men.

Further52 ministers and aides followedover the next 39 hours, and Johnson bunkered down at number 10 to reduce losses from his cabinet colleagues. Rejected advice and appointedNadim. Zahawi,Steve Barclayand Michelle Donelan make the final and final attempt to stabilize the ship and sensationally dismiss the old allyMichael Govefor disloyalty. Decided to vacate the minister.

Finally, after his illustrious new Prime Minister Zahawi,was in a statement written in the Ministry of Finance's letterhead at the beginning of the second day of work. I called on him to go to. 29} After only 35 hoursas a British education secretary, Johnson finally threw in a towel.

Sir Graham Brady,1922 Committeechair, Downing Street sources call BBC's new political correspondent, Chris Mason. Broadcast while he is talking to an enhanced version of thetodayprogram on BBC Radio 4 to break the news.

The inevitable event that finally happened saw Johnson provide a rather shabby interpretation ofBrexit, overcoming the worst of the world and leading the country. Often draws a line under the three years of exaggerated premiershipprovides important support for the coronavirus pandemicandUkraine, but otherwise Suffering from controversy after controversy. From

Wallpapergate toPartygate, Chris Pincher, the Prime Minister oversaw a significant drop in standards of public life, booed in Queen's Platinum Jubilee, confidently June Just lost a second ethical adviser and two sub-elections, and by the end even his own MP was exhausted trying to protect the defenseless.

But even before he succeeded, in July 2019Teresa May, a former foreign secretary, the mayor of London, and the hardliners of the Brindon Club said he It was often treated as if it were one long, practical joke that was revealing exactly who it was over the course of its career.

HereIndependentlooks back on Johnson's early public attention, the most damaging and humiliating mistakes.

"Slip tongue" on Iran's detention

At the 2017 selection committee, a foreign secretary at the time mistakenlyNazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe – still detained in Iran – was training journalists in the area. After Johnson's comment, 38-year-old Briton was brought to a court in Iran, she said, and her decision could be doubled.

He later faced a call for his resignation and apologized 12 days after his remarks. However, his cabinet colleague Liam Fox argued that people should not overreact to "slip tongue."

She was finally released and she was allowed to return to her long-suffering family earlier this year.

Violation of "casual" rules

Johnsondid not declare financial benefits for real estate within the required time limit, so Commons I broke the rule. The Commons Standards Commission has accused him of "overly casual attitude towards following the rules of the House of Representatives."

The decision came in April 2019, just four months after Ruislip MP apologized for violating the rules for not reporting more than £ 52,000 in external revenue. ..

Crude remarks about investigating child abuse

He said that the money spent on the investigation"hit the wall"And said it was better. He used to put an officer on the street.

"Letterbox" comments about Nikabu wearers

After Johnson comparedBurka and women wearing Nikabu with letterboxes In August 2019, he publicly accused Mr. Johnson. 96}

In the column of The Daily Telegraph – Weekly commitment to earn about £ 275,000 a year – Johnson explained that clothing is oppressive, "absolutely ridiculous. I have. " People need to "choose to go around like a letterbox".

Johnson opposes a total Danish ban in public places, although some restrictions on wearing them are "wise", arguing that "someday I'm sure I'll go". did.

Boris Johnson talks to staff when visiting Finchley Memorial Hospital during a pandemic

(Ian Vogler / PA)

He writes:

"If a female student looks like a bank robber in a school or college lecture, ibid. The authoritative person needs to be able to speak openly with the person being asked for instructions. There is, "he writes.

Libya's "dead body" remarks

At a conservative party meeting in October 2017, Johnson argued that the Libyan city of Sirte had a bright future. After that, it was widely criticized. As a luxury resortInvestors "cleaned up the corpse"

About a recent visit to Libya, which has been fighting eight years after the fall of Muang Mar Kadafi When asked, he praised the "incredible country." "And" white sand of bones ".

He added:

"They have a great vision of turning Silte into the next Dubai. The only thing they have to do is get rid of the corpses."

Describe Africa as "the country"

Looking back on the first three months of work at Torries' 2016 conference, Johnsondescribed Africa as "the country."portrays the world in a place that is "less secure, dangerous, and worried" than it was ten years ago.

Johnson seems to suggest that the continent can benefit from adopting more British values, with many leaders having more authority instead. I warned that it was supposed to be.

And he said: "As Africa entered the global economic system, life expectancy in Africa has risen astoundingly."

Losing no-trade discussion

Johnson The second show in theTelegraphcolumn. In April 2019, the Independent Press Standards Organization claimed that the former Foreign Secretaryviolated the accuracy rule, and polls showed that Brexit without transactions was better than Teresamei's transactions and stays. Claimed to have been "somewhat" popular. EU.

Boris Johnson visits Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at Kyiv


Papers It claimed that it was "obviously humorous and controversial and could not be reasonably read as a serious, empirical and detailed analysis of difficult facts," the guard dog opposed.

Drum drama in Bristol

While he was a foreign secretary, he was at Bristol's Seek Templeabout increasing exports of whiskey to India. I was beaten by talking. Alcohol forbidden in the Seek faith.

In the BBC recording, I filmed a female worshiper asking, "Dare to talk about alcohol at Seek Temple." Mr Johnson apologized.

Don't mention the war

When visiting India in early 2017, Johnson wanted the EU to impose Nazi style} It seems that he accused him. Brexit's "Punishment Strike" in the UK

He states: This is a way forward and not in the interests of our friends and partners.

"I absolutely believe that in the 21st century, EU member states need to seriously consider reintroducing tariffs and other things to punish the UK. It seems like there isn't. "

Tone hearing loss, colonial style

The British Myanmar ambassador was JohnsonRadyard. I had to stop Johnson because I quoted Kipling's poemthe most in the country. Sacred temple.

This poem was written through the eyes of a retired British soldier, known as Burma, which was ruled by Britain between 1824 and 1948, and also mentions kissing a local girl. doing.

Campaign participants called the September 2017 Gaffe "superb". Just before entering the poem, Johnson also called the golden statue of the Shwedagon Padga Temple a "very big Guinea pig."

When he quoted the video of the poem, he showed that Andrew Patrick, the British ambassador to the country, was visibly nervous.

When the foreign secretary at the time reached the third line of the poem, "The wind is in the palm trees. The temple bells they say" – Patrick decided to intervene. "You are on-mic," he said. "Probably not a good idea."

Johnson replied: "What,Road to Mandalay"

"No," the ambassador said. "Not appropriate."

Prosecco column crosses

Bubble November 2016, Johnson said in which country more Prosecco After a strange debate about what to sell, the European ministerridiculedor post-Brexit fish and chips. Carlo Calenda, Italian Minister of Economy, said Johnson's approach seems to be based on "hopeful thinking."

"He basically said,'I don't want people to move freely, but I want a single market,'" Calenda told Bloomberg. "I said:'No way.' He said:'You will sell less Prosecco. Sales to 27 countries are less." Putting things at this level is a bit insulting ..

A line was formed after Mr. Johnson described the proposal that free movement of people is one of the founding principles of the EU as "b *******".

"Biky" goes missing

Johnson's leadership campaign for Tory after being asked at the last crying Hasting event It seems that he was caught inside. He said it was when his beloved bicycle was stolen from outside the parliament and for eight years as his London mayor he used a vehicle named "Bikey".

He states: Barely [his successor as mayor]Sadik Khan's reign began before Nick entered.

His darkest time

(Tim Hammond / No10 Downing Street)

I added. The stolen love feels angry and injustice. That's another reason why more police are needed on the streets.

However, when Johnson published an article in 2014 explaining how the "bikey" was revoked after the crash, the allegations seemed to be clarified. He said the frame of the bike broke after he put the bike in a pothole hidden in a puddle during a storm.

Considering the 2014 article, "Biky" was used all the time in the city hall that ended in 2016, inconsistent with his claim that it was stolen a few years after Mr. Khan took office. It looked like it was.

Suspicious Business

Johnson frowned at the final Hasting of the Leadership Contest after wielding a smoke kicker on stage.

He shook the fish, swearing about EU regulations that were "meaningless, expensive, and harmful to the environment."

But later it became clear that the regulation was actually introduced by the British government rather than the EU.

Domestic Conflict

Johnson's leadership bid is a major between MP and his girlfriend, Carrie Simons, now his wife. After the line was reported, we got off to an unstable start.

The audio recording leaked to the media seems to have revealed that Ms. Simmons repeatedly said to Mr. Johnson "get off me" and "get out of my apartment". ..

The candidate and his team faced many questions about the incident, but the next day they reconciled with a picture showing a happy couple who seemed to enjoy a relaxing time in the countryside. I suggested that I did.

However, eagle-eye observers quickly pointed out that Mr Johnson's hair looked much longer than the day before. This suggests that the photo was actually taken, not snapped that day. in front.

Johnson repeatedly refused to answer questions about when the photo was taken, designed to end the turmoil of the incident, whether it was a real photo of the couple after the bust-up. I left a big question as to whether it was a stunt that was done.

"Bucky" repulsion

Explosion from the past. The mayor of London, Johnson, lifted the back of the bike to his wife, Marina Wheeler, and filmed theviolation of the law

The National Cycling Charity CTC said, "Better yet. I should have known. "

Johnson apologized through a spokesman after it was revealed that he had violated Article 24 of the Road Traffic Act of 1998. Violators can usually expect a £ 200 fine for committing an error.