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The Ministers of Boris Johnson and Tory are entitled to a total retirement allowance of £ 420,000 for their resignation.

Boris Johnsonand his former minister have been urged to refuse nearly £ 500,000 of surplus wages to be paid to them for their resignation.

Under the 1991 Minister and Other Pension and Salary Acts, retiring MPs are entitled to dismiss 25% of their annual income.

This benefit applies even if you voluntarily resign from the government, resign for political reasons, or disgrace the government.

Over the last 36 hours, more than 50 ministers and private secretaries of parliament have resigned from their role to expel Mr Johnson.

Even Tamworth MP Chris Pincher is alleged to have eventually caused a government meltdown and is entitled to a £ 7,920 reward if he quits his job as Deputy Chief Whip. ..

In some cases, the minister was set up by Boris Johnson in the tragedy of the Prime Minister's death and was in office for only two days after resigning.

And Boris Johnson is in line with the £ 18,860 taxpayer distribution.

Payments have been frowned upon in the past as the Minister never lost his job and simply returned to the backbench. There, a base salary of £ 84,144 is paid annually.

The government minister will be paid between £ 67,505 and £ 22,475 in addition to the MP salary, and the prime minister will receive an additional £ 75,440.

As a result, cabinet ministers like Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid line up for £ 16,876, and state ministers like Kemi Badenoch can take £ 7,920 home.

Even parliamentary private securities such as Jonathan Gullis are entitled to £ 5,594 each.

Opposition parties are urging Tory lawmakers to "do decent things" and refuse in return.

"Conservative lawmakers spent months defending Boris Johnson and couldn't get rid of him when he had a chance," said Liberal Democratic Party Chief Whip Wendy Chamberlain.

"For the people who forgave them for a long time.

" Now conservative fighting and complete incompetence is this life Spent more money on taxpayers during the crisis.

"The resigned conservative ministers do decent things and give up their rewards for the benefit of the country. Should be. "