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Boris Johnson sticks to power when Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid resign and lie in his leadership in a barbaric letter

Boris Johnson clung to last night after a shocking strike by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid.

Mr. Snacksaid the public expects thegovernmentto be "properly implemented."

Prime Ministergroping scandal Tory MPCrispincher

Rishi Sunak andSajid Javidyesterday} Two barbaric resignationslaunched a surprisingly brutal attack on PM.

Javid first stabbed a knife and resigned as Minister of Health. Then Prime Minister Snack attempted an unprecedented double takedown.

Snacks said today's massivenational insurancecuts are overshadowed by the No. 10 "lack of focus, grip and ability" after months of scandals. I noticed that.

In a ferocious resignation, he states:

"I realize this may be my last minister's job, but I believe these standards are worth the fight, and that's why I resign." After months of tension overtax cuts, borrowing, andinflationbetween

No10and No11, Mr Snack said the public " Listen to the truth. "

But Johnson argued that he could finally cut taxes without being disturbed by his nervous neighbors. Number of times.

The Prime Minister told parliamentarians last night:

Another major loyalistSteve Berkley-who was the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff-took over the operation of the NHSMr. Havid gave the Prime Minister a towel The interests of theConservativewho demanded to throw — and the country after his treatment of thefactionand Gropegate.

He states: "Last month's vote of no confidence showed that many colleagues agreed. It was a moment for humility, grip, and a new direction.

" But unfortunately, this It's clear that the situation doesn't change under your leadership, so you've lost my confidence too. "

' Worth fighting for'

After quitting, both men denied they were working together.
Their departure came when theChris Spincher groping scandalbecame the core.

They came after the Prime Minister had to admit that he had "forgotten" a direct warning of the shameful Tory lawmaker's bad behavior before promoting him. The dramatic strike of the Cabinet Beast has triggered a series of resignations from the lower ranks of the government.

At a cabinet meeting yesterday morning, a minister said, "Cyanide," after No10 broke their reaction after the sun revealed that Pincher was drunk last week and groped for two men. "Distribute the pills," jokingly described as "disastrous." The

coup attempt took place minutes after the Prime Minister made a terrible apology for appointing the MP as Chief Operating Officer. Downing Street had to admit thatJohnson knew of the complaint against Pincher when he made Pincher the Deputy Leader in February.

During the weekend, their allegations parroted by ministers were that the Prime Minister was unaware of certain complaints, "Boris was briefed in a 2019 survey of Pincher's actions. It was blown up by a former senior civil servant who revealed that.

In a massive digging of unfaithfulness, Mr Snack said when he resigned, government standards were "worth the fight." In an explosive letter published on Twitter, the current former Prime Minister said he could no longer support him.

I firmly believe that the public is ready to hear the truth.

Rishi Sunak

He said the two men's approaches were "fundamentally too different." ..

He added: Our people know that if something is too good to be true, it is not true. They need to know that although there is a way to a better future, it is not an easy way.

"It turns out that our approach is fundamentally too different in preparation for next week's proposal for a joint speech on the economy.

" I am the government. It's sad to leave, but we reluctantly came to the conclusion that we can't continue this way. "

A friend of MR Sunak said: It was preventing us from being able to do whatever the country needed.

Many other ministers,Defense Minister

'seemingly change over time'

But Johnson's closest ally Even, I was afraid that last night's match would end.

Even his most loyal supporters called time during PM's tenure, and super-Boris fanJonathan Garrissaid it was time for a new PM, his junior. I resigned from the bag carrier.

Six PPSs (the lowest ranks of the minister's ladder) also resigned yesterday, and dozens of vice ministers are said to be considering their position.

Earlier that day, the backbencher was pressing the minister to resign.

SeniorToryWilliam Wraggtells Commons: It's meant to think about what they're trying to say in public, and it seems to change over time.

And the 2019 ingestorAnthony Mangunalsaid:

Labor leaderSir Kiel Starmerresigns to more ministers in support of thegeneral election

call I asked. He is a liar. " "They know what he is. He says he can't change psychologically, so they have to do what they do for the national interest to get rid of him. He tells the prime minister. Not suitable for becoming. "

Chancellor Zahawi

Kate Ferguson

New Chancella Nadim Zahawi arrives in the UK A 9-year-old refugee from Iraq, who can't speak a word of English.

He read the sun, learned the language, founded the polling company YouGov and became a millionaire.

He became the MP of Stratford-upon-Avon in 2010. Prior to moving to business and industry, he was the Under Secretary of Children and Family.

He played a major role in the development of the Covidjab and was appointed Minister of Education. Yesterday he spent an hour in No10 and threatened to resign if he did not become prime minister beforeLiz Truss

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