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Boris Johnson Resigns News – Live: PM Resigns Today After Tory's Massive Rebellion

Sajid Javid states during PMQ's resignation speech that "there is no risk of loss of integrity"

Boris Johnsonwill resign as follows: Today's prime minister after a deadly onslaught of resignation in protest of his leadership.

Johnson's allies claimed he had vowed to "fight" Wednesday night. However, with more than 50 resignations on Thursday morning, Michelle Donelan resigned as Minister of Education and his fifth minister in just 35 hours.

Johnson's new Prime MinisterNadim Zahawialso revealed to him the ambition thatSurah Bravermanwould replace him with the Prime Minister. I publicly urged him to do things and go now. " I'm still in the post as lawyer president.

His support after Tory member Chris Pincher was promoted to a role responsible for the welfare of Tories, even though he knew of allegations of illegal activity against him. Has undergone a dramatic collapse.

The prime minister is expected to stay in the post until a new Tory leader takes office at the party's annual meeting in October, No10 sources said.


Our video team has the following report on the news that Boris Johnson will resign:

Boris Johnson resigns as Prime Minister


Nikola Sturgeon asks if the Prime Minister should stay in the office until autumn

Nikola Sturgeon said there is "widespread peace of mind" that Boris Johnson will resign as Prime Minister. rice field. This is the role she named him "apparently ineligible."

The first Scottish minister also questioned whether it was "sustainable" to continue that role until the fall.

Sturgeon concludes with the following statement: However, leadership is difficult and causes a lot of stress and tension. On a personal level, he hopes he and his family will be well.


Starmer continues to call for general elections

Sarkir Starmer said Boris Johnson's resignation was "good news," but argued that "there is no need to change the top Tories. A proper change of government is needed."


Boris Johnson resigns: what's next?

The next step is for the Prime Minister to issue a resignation statement. This is expected to be done from the podium in Downing Street, as in tradition.

This is a vote of no confidence in his leadership that was expected to take place next week after the 1922 Commissioner Tory changed the rules and allowed them. You can avoid the need.

However, it causes conservative leadership competition and can consume politics in the coming weeks or months.

Policy CorrespondentJon Stoneis a guide on what will happen next there is.

The Prime Minister's notice of resignation triggers Tory's leadership contest


The Prime Minister told the 1922 Chairman about his resignation

Boris Johnson spoke with the chairman of Sir Graham Brady of the Conservative 1922 Commission, and agreed to resign, our political correspondentAshley Cowburnreports.


Cummings wants Tory to set up Raab as interim prime minister by tonight Requesting

Dominic Cummings today urged Tory to expel Boris Johnson from Downing Street and appoint Dominic Raab as interim prime minister by tonight.

The former Prime Minister insisted that he was "playing for a long time and trying to stay."


Tory lawmakers say he "supports Surah." In what appears to be the first support for the Tory leader candidate, Sir Desmond Swain states that he "supports Surah."


Tory lawmakers call on Boris Johnson to apologize to the Queen

Immediately after announcing the resignation of the Minister of Science this morning, Tory Congressman George Freeman should advise Boris Johnson to apologize to the Queen and call her caretaker Prime Minister. Said.


After the news break of Boris Johnson's resignation, the pound traded high

Following news of Boris Johnson's resignation plan, the pound rose 0.6% to $ 1.198 and 0.4% to € 1.174.


Boris Johnson'Stay in the post until a new Tory leader takes office by October '

Boris Johnson is said to remain in the post until a new Tory leader takes office. This process is scheduled to take place by October.

A spokesman at 10 Downing Street said in his resignation, "The Prime Minister will issue a statement to the country today."

He is expected to stay in the post until a new Tory leader takes office at the party's annual meeting in October, No10 sources said. rice field.