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Boris Johnson Resigns: Which Other Prime Minister has Resigned?

Boris Johnson addresses the country today in a report that he will resign as Prime Ministerafter the collapse of the government.

In the midst of a new wave of resignations from the government, more than 50 people are currently resigning. There is also a ferocious letter fromNadhimZahawiappointed as Prime Minister. Just 36 hours ago,told him to resign

Johnson's teamis now understood to be writing a resignation letter. increase. 10 Downing Street within a few hours.

Of course, Mr Johnson is not the only resigned prime minister.Teresa Mayalso became a leader after resigning in 2019.

Several other Prime Ministers have resigned.

Some have lost their uncertain votes, while others have actually chosen to resign.


Boris Johnson's predecessoradmitted that he regretted not being able to deliver the Brexit, 6 2019 In an emotional speech on the moon, he announced his intention to quit.

"I will soon quit my job as an honor in my life. I am the second female prime minister, but certainly not the last," she said.

'I don't do it maliciously, but with great gratitude for giving me the opportunity to serve my beloved country. '

David Cameron

Resigned following former conservative leader David Cameron Brexit's referral dam,UK resigns EU in June 2016 Only hours after resolving to leave, he announced his decision.

'The UK has achieved stronger, safer and better results within the European Union. The Referendum has made it clear that this and that is all about it, not the future of a single politician, including myself, "Cameron said at the time.

"But the British people have made a very clear decision to go another way, so I think the country needs new leadership to go in this direction.

'As Prime Minister, I will do everything I can to stabilize the ship over the next few weeks to months, but I will try to be the captain who will lead the country to that country. I don't think it's right. Next destination.

"This isn't a disrespectful decision, but it's in the national interest to have a stable period and then need new leadership.

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown resigned as prime minister after the 2010 general election and Congress hung.

Former Labor Party leaders said it was a "privilege to serve" and hoped that his successor would be well. Mr Brown said his voice was emotionally cracked and he would soon resign as a leader of the Labor Party.

Mr Brown said, "I didn't like it at all, I loved the job, not because of its fame, title, or ritual." "No, I love the job of making this country fairer, more forgiving, more environmentally friendly, more democratic, more prosperous, fairer and truly great Britain. I did, "he said.

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher announced his resignation on November 22, 1990, after 11 years in office.

A former conservative leader who led the country throughout the 1980s overcame her leadership challenge in 1989, but with a poll tax (or now known council tax). ) And other measures led to her. She is becoming more and more unpopular.

After Deputy Prime Minister Sir Jeffrey Howe resigned in November 1990, she faced a leadership challenge from Michael Hesseltin in protest of Mrs. Thatcher's hostility to adopting European currency. did.

She won her first vote slightly, but the result forced her to vote second-she was told she couldn't win, which led to her resignation.

Mrs. Thatcher stood up and concluded that "the unity of the party and the prospect of winning the general election would be better if someone else was a conservative leader. ".

Details:Watch Boris Johnson's resignation live from Downing Street

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