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The feud between Boris Johnson and Pierce Morgan-from hiding in the refrigerator to pigs on live TV

Piers Morganmade his feelings aboutBorisJohnsonvery clear.

At the start of the Wednesday night edition of the TalkTV show, the candid presenter started a slightly different procedure by appearing with a piglet in his arm.

The wharf used barn animals to represent the retiring Prime Minister. The Prime Minister will resign todayafter being hit by a wave of resignations.

So far,more than 50 Tories have resigned from the government, from ministers to aides,Prime Minister has been accused of "groping" MP Chris I knew about the claim to. Prove that the pincheris the last straw.

Piercing, who was always ready to pierce the knife, started an uncensored show, saying, "Boris Johnsonmust go."

"Political anointed piglets have slipped through almost three years of tragic turmoil and deception and squirmed," he said bitterly.



PiersUncensored / Twitter)

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Camera pans It's a place many want to avoid, even the pigs resting quietly in the comforting arms of the pier.

He continued: "38 resignations in two days killed his government ad tonight, certainly, now he can't save his bacon." The

peers have many feuds with a variety of famous faces, from Dan Walker toMegan Markle, but this with Johnson is actually valid.

Their beef really started when the Prime Minister hid in the fridge to avoid being burned in Good Morning Britain.

In December 2019, when Jonathan Swain approached the group, Johnson was in an early morning milk round in Yorkshire.

Before Jonathan asked if Mr Johnson would join the program and "fulfill his promise to talk to Pierce and Susanna," one of the Prime Minister's aides said, "Oh f ***. I could see him opening his mouth. ..

The Prime Minister replied, "I'll be with you soon," and left before the stunned pier shouted, "He's in the fridge."

Boris escaped and "hidden in the fridge" (



The camera crew then tracked the PM. PM was seen disappearing from behind a pile of milk boxes into a large refrigerator in a delivery warehouse.

Tory sources later emphasized that no one was "hidden in the fridge," and spokesman Robert Oxley did not curse reporters and expressed general frustration. Insisted that.

Pierce tweeted after the incident: "Cowards never look good."

When a party gate scandal occurred earlier this year, the pier went to Boris. It was laid and named the Prime Minister "total shame" when he appeared at the BBC's Sunday morning political show.

"I don't think there is a jury trial," he said. "Public opinion courts have returned and found him guilty of the most brave hypocrisy."

Pierce wants to be unable to see his deceased father, at a care facility. He said he had a school friend who couldn't see his deceased mother.

He added: He went out on the street that night and kept raising these knees throughout the pandemic.

The pier is very straightforward in PM (



"That's a complete shame. It doesn't mean he's going, but he's definitely completely shattered public confidence in the government. It means you should go. "

Then there was a strange claim fromDonald Trump. Johnson said he intervened to cancel an interview with Pierce Morgan prior to the 2019 general electiongeneral election

During an interview with his show, former U.S.A. The president should not chat prior to the end of 2019 general election, when the prime minister told Pierce that he had advised him.

Trump states: So if he asks me not to do that, I have to do it.

Trump replied when Pierce asked why Mr Johnson didn't want to talk to him. I didn't ask him either. "

Morgan said:" The British elections were a few days later. I have something he might sacrifice to him among us. " He was told that he was worried that he might make. "

Trump then replied:" Well, I like him. I always liked him. He I think he's a little liberal and a little green. "

Trump is Piers and Johnson(


Piers Morgan Uncensored / Talk TV)

At the uncensored show on Wednesday night, Piers was Johnson. I made a statement directly to him.

Comparing the situations of hitting the movie Goodfellas, Johnson seems to be Joe Peski's character, "the only person who didn't know you were hit," he said. Insisted. .. The piglet may finally run out of grease, "he continued. "Face it, Boris, you're the zombie prime minister staggering as the corrupt leader of this dead government.

" You sit at the cabinet table to those who are ready to take them. By providing a bandage on the wound. Up to you. They had enough. "

Peer Compared Johnson to "oiled pigs" (


PiersUncensored / Twitter)

Pierce once again broke frustration while talking to political editor Kate McCann, who was speaking from outside the Capitol.

Pierce told Kate: He is a toast. He's kicking Daisy, he's the former Prime Minister, he doesn't have a note yet.

"What is he waiting for? I don't know. It's very humiliating. Is he literally waiting for someone to pull him out?"

Pierce He continued to ridicule Mr Johnson on social media Thursday morning-labeled him "a dead deceived prime minister who behaves like a tort."

He tweeted: "For the Love of God, Boris Johnson-Resigned. This is humiliating to you, rounding your toes to the rest of us, to the country. It's very damaging. It's over, it's over, Caputo ... Pack up your luggage and get out of Downing Street. "

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