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Boris Johnson's Crisis Leadership When Snacks and Javid Resign

Boris Johnsonis the prime minister's biggest after Rishi Sunak resigns as prime minister andSajid Javid resigns as health minister. Facing a leadership crisis.

Prime Ministeris fighting to stay in 10th place as it became the latest issue raised by former Deputy LeaderChris Pincher, who was hit by a scandal. I did. Questions about his judgment.

A humiliating apology from the Prime Minister could not prevent the resignation of the two senior ministers and their potential leader rivals, both of which wrote the resignation of incinerator.

Snack said, "People naturally expect the government to be implemented properly, competently and seriously," and "these standards are worth fighting." I believe, and that's why I'm resigning. "

Nadhim Zahawi has been promoted to the new Prime Minister and Minister of the University of Michel Donneran has been appointed Minister of Education.

Havid said the British people "expect honesty from the government," but voters are now "not acting for the national interest," even though Johnson's administration is competent. I believed.

He replaced the Minister of Health on behalf of the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, Steve Berkley.

The prime minister's authority was already undermined by a vote of no confidence that saw 41% of his ownparliamentarianswithdraw their support.

June's defeat of by-elections in Tiberton, Honiton and Wakefield prolongs anger at the party breaking the coronavirus blockade in Downing Street, while resigning leader Oliver Douden. Caused.

The resignation of Mr. Havid and Mr. Snack's twins means that Johnson's position is now at stake, but Dominic Raab, Liz Truss, Michael Gove, Therese Coffey, Ben Wallace, etc. Ministers said they would stay in the government.

However, Bim Afolami resigned because Tory's Vice-Chairman was broadcast live on television, Theo Clarke and Andrew Murrison resigned as trade envoys, and assistant ministers Jonathan Gullis, Saqib Bhatti, Nicola Richards, and Virginia Crosbie. I quit that role.

If the rules of the Tory 1922 Commission change to allow another distrust resolution within 12 months, the prime minister's fate could ultimately be left to the backbench MPs. There is sex.

Johnson's allies believe it is unlikely that they will "point their guns at their heads" at future leaders.

The signs that the Prime Minister is at stake came in a rushed broadcast interview at his Commons office.

He sought to contain Mr. Pincher's line after it became clear that he had forgotten to be informed of his previous allegations of "inappropriate" conduct.

Pincher resigned as floor leader last week after allegedly groping for two men at a luxury Carlton club, but Johnson knew about his allegations until 2019. ..

Prime Minister admitted that he should have dismissed Mr. Pincher when he was found to have acted improperly when he was Foreign Minister in 2019, but instead. Mr Johnson appointed him to another government role.

When asked if it was wrong, Johnson said: When I think about it later, that was wrong.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Justin Thalys / PA)

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" I apologize to all the terrible influences, and I would definitely like to make it clear that there is no place in this government for those who are predatory or abusing their position of power.

MP was said not to remember Mr Johnson being told about the pre-2019 allegations.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, then Foreign Minister, dressed Mr. Pincher for his "inappropriate" behavior, which was "not uncertain" at the time, and was appropriate for the Cabinet Office. The sex and ethics team was also involved.

After Pincher's dramatic resignation, not ten were the first to claim that Johnson was unaware of the "specific claim."

By Monday, the line evolved to admit that the Prime Minister was aware of "a complaint that was resolved or did not proceed to a formal complaint."

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Ellis told MP, "When there was a new allegation last week, the Prime Minister did not immediately recall the late 2019 conversation about the case."

"As soon as he was remembered, the No10 press office fixed their public line."

Johnson lied to his aides about the situation. Denied.

Johnson admitted that he had forgotten his previous complaint, Sir McDonald, a former Foreign Ministry official, said the original No. 10 explanation was "not true," the Prime Minister said. Directly. "

In addition to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs complaint, Johnson was also informed of another allegation against Pincher during the remodeling when he took office as Deputy Leader in February 2022.

The third case that caused Mr. Pincher's resignation is currently being investigated by Congress's Independent Complaints and Complaints Scheme (ICGS).

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(PA Graphics)

Labor Party leader Sir Kiel Starmer Calling for a general election, he said: : "Only real changes in government can give Britain the new start it needs."

At the Commons, the atmosphere among Tory lawmakers has rebelled, and Johnson's first. Critics lined up to condemn the handling of the situation by the 10 operations.

However, ministers who pledge allegiance to Mr Johnson gathered around him following his resignation on Tuesday night.

Cultural Secretary Nadin Dolly said, "Consistently make all important decisions right," and Brexit Opportunity Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg said he was on a mission to win the 2019 general election. "People's resignation".