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Boris Johnson saw GG's chest when Katie Price flashed him at a fuss party.

Boris Johnsonhas seen some things in his life, butKatie Pricedouble G chest unilateral sight There is certainly little to match.

The embarrassed Prime Minister is expected to officially resign later todayHe reportedly closed his eyes at a swish dinner party in Italy. She is herself.

Former GMB star Piers Morgan reiterated his claim in an open letterto Katie in, writing: A few years ago in Italy, the current Prime Minister,Boris Johnson, suddenly flashed a surgically enhanced cleavage.

Perhaps the owner of the Evening Standard, Evgeny Lebedev's luxurious Italian villa, has less fun on a star-studded weekend.

But after hitting the bubbles too hard, Katie was embarrassed on the first night and went home embarrassed,openDemocracyclaimed.

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Katie Price's alleged dislike landed her in the kennel (


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Boris attended the party with him, his estranged wife, Marina Wheeler (



According to the site, Katie flew in Lebedev's exclusive 17th century. In October 2016, a villa on a hill near Perugia took advantage of the free champagne lashing on the newspaper boss's private jet.

Then, before entering dinner, she snapped a pure Russian vodka offered to guests staying at the villa. So she decided to get up and have a drunken toast.

Katie, sitting next to Boris, stood up to toast her host and called her "You Guvu" instead of her real name, after which she was full of celebrities. It is said that he was exposed to the party.

She reportedly gathered dinner when she lifted her top and pointed her bare breasts directly at Boris' face, as "champagne and privacy do not mix". I talked to my guest.

Boris has seen several things in his time(


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Boris was so prominent in the famous face that was said to have attended the same show biz party. There was no brother Leo Johnson, Pixie Lott. His wife Marina Wheeler and legendary actress Joan Collins seem to have said, "This is too far from a grenade."

Later, Katie was marched out of the room by four muscular armed bodyguards, and she wasn't seen again for the rest of the weekend retreat, the site reports.

This isn't the first time Price has been drunk and humiliated at a fuss party.

Pierce also claimed to have made her move to herher Simon Cowellat her 50th birthday party and resented when he rejected her. did.

Katie apparently stopped at Simon Cowell

Katie has always claimed that she and Simon are just friends (

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He continued: "I remember you stumbling towards me ... as the night went on you Transformed into a complete Jordan and expressed the resentful anger of his birthday The boy has just declined your dangerous sexual gift offer.

"I am you at the National Television Awards. I remember bumping into and asking if you were drunk. "I'm not drunk yet," you laughed, "but I'll be soon, and to Morgan when I'm there. Be careful! "

" Then you explained exactly what to do to me. I don't think it will be repeated in family newspapers! "

She also became a big headline when she crashed into an office Christmas party in December 2016 and was naked in the toilet to showcase the results of her breast augmentation surgery.

Mirror Online asked Katie's representative for comment, but Boris's office did not respond to openDemocracy's request.

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