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Boris Johnson resigns as Tory's leader but wants to remain prime minister

Boris Johnson will resign as a conservative leader on Thursday, but will remain as prime minister until fall after Prime Minister Nadim Zahawi calls on him to go. I will push things forward. The ministers went out.

His resignation ended an extraordinary stand-off after several ministers urged him to resign and more than 50 ministers resigned due to mishandling of a series of scandals.

No 10 spokesperson said, "The Prime Minister will issue a statement to the country today."

But he is expected to stay as prime minister until the fall during theconservative leadershipcontest. increase.

He may face strong pressure from the Cabinet and parliamentarians to resign as Prime Minister, leading the way to caretaker leaders such as Deputy Prime Minister Dominique Rab and Johnson's Teresa May. I will give up. Predecessor.

Two former ministers said it was impossible for Johnson to stay until autumn. Some say: He should be taken over by Raab. "We can have a caretaker prime minister because he has to hand over his office seal today," said another. The

rebellion began on Tuesday night, withSajid Javid and Rishi Sunakresigning as health minister and prime minister, respectively.

Johnson faces the prospect of a second distrust vote soon next week, and the rules may change as the 1922 Backbench Committee executives meet on Monday.

His exit follows a three-year scandal, including anger at handling allegations of harassment against his deputy chief whip, Pincher. Police fines for Downing Street lockdown parties; Attempts to change the standard system. And the accusation thatbroke international law.

Johnson's last straw appeared to be the loss of Zahawi's public support. Wednesday night, No 10 explained that the new Prime Minister was participating in launching a joint economic program with Johnson next week, and No 10 confirmed that Zahawi was still ready to work with him.

But on Thursday morning, Zahawi released a public letter stating that he hadn't heard his advice that Johnson had to resign as a friend for more than 30 years. Did.

"Prime Minister: This is not sustainable, it only gets worse. For you, for the Conservative Party, and most importantly for the whole country. You have to do the right thing and go now. "He said, but he couldn't resign.

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Michelle Donneran, appointed Secretary of Education, resigned this week again, saying the Cabinet needs to force Johnson's hand.

She was a North Irish secretary who also resigned Thursday morning. Following one Brandon Lewis.

Lewis said: Responsible governments rely on integrity, integrity and mutual respect. These values ​​are upheld. I no longer believe that I have to quit the government is a matter of deep personal regret. "