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Boris's reign was "the most shameful story of British politics," says Sadiq Khan.

Boris Johnsonwas responsible for "one of the most shameful saga in the history of Britishpolitics," Sadik Khan said. I am.

The mayor of Londonlaunched a bitter attack this morning as the Prime Minister is expected to finally announce his resignation.

Johnson has been digging into his heels since Tuesday – in response to Chris Pincher's groping scandal, he refused to leave in a massive spill of ministers.

But PM didn't have a team to actually work on, so everything changed this morning.

Khan tweeted in a fierce attack.

"His government has always sought to cause divisions and fight each other's communities at the&level of our capital for political gain.

"This caused enormous damage. It harmed our economy, nourished the sarcasm of our people, and&corrupted our country in the eyes of the world. In government issues. Truth, Dignity and Honesty.

This is one of the most shameful saga in the history of British politics.

Boris Johnson He presided over a government defined by lies, overruns, complete lack of perfection, illegal behavior, incompetence, and an innocent and harmful culture in public employment. 🧵

— Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) )July 7, 2022

'The country has finally agreed to leave number 10, but its departure can't wait until this fall. The damage is happening, and this is much wider than a single man.

"Boris Johnson is not suitable to be prime minister from the beginning by conservative ministers and lawmakers. Despite knowing, it was supported, defended and made possible at all stages.

"Londonners and people across the UK are at risk of living costs, spiral inequality, stagnant It has been hit hard by the economy.

"That's clear. Tory can't rule for national interests and solve the big challenges we face.

' The only way our country can make a decent new start is for the next Prime Minister to call for an immediate general election and get rid of this terrifying Tory administration.'

Boris Johnson Will give a speech in front of number 10 this morning and announce his resignation.

After a series of humiliating resignations,the Secretary of Education resigns about 36 hours after work. ,The newly appointed Prime Minister turned him on.

When Johnson was promoted to Deputy Chief in February, Johnson was sexually illegal against Pincher. He didn't know about the claim for, he didn't say ten at first.

Then, on Monday, a spokesman said Johnson was aware of the allegations against Tamworth MP that were "resolved or did not proceed to a formal complaint."

But the next day, former senior civil servant Simon McDonald said he had been complained about Pincher's actions in the summer of 2019.

He promised that a group of foreign ministry officials complained, the investigation supported the complaint, and Pincher's apology did not repeat his actions.

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