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Brexiteer sees Hunt's leadership as "suicide in elections" and states that the next prime minister will be a withdrawal.

Benhabib: I haven't actually used Brexit yet

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Many commentators said that the labor and media aspects were only after Boris, as the so-called "Partygate" hit the airwaves. News at the moment when he suggested that there was Brexit as a scapper. There are reports suggesting that the Prime Minister will resign today, and it seems that more and more Britain are concerned that Britain's withdrawal from the EU could be at risk.

Their fear comes from "Rejoiners," including former Deputy Prime Minister Hazeltine, who told TalkTV earlier this week, "If Boris goes, Brexit goes." I am particularly surprised.

However, Ben Habib argued that Brexit's main risk was not that Mr Johnson was dismissed, but that he remained in place.

Former Brexit Party MEP emphasized that the Prime Minister did not offer Brexit in the first place, despite many promises to offer Brexit, especially his continued attachment to Brussels, Northern Ireland. Pointed out. Other parts of the UK with post-Brexit transactions signed by Mr Johnson.

Habib told The Brexit deal between the Prime Minister and Sir Frost is a completely unsuccessful Brexit.


Brexiteer calls hunt leadership " Consider'suicide in the election'and say that the next PM will be a withdrawal. (Image: Getty)

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson. (Image: Getty)

"First and foremost, they left Northern Ireland in the EU. We are now Ireland, which destroyed Britain. Familiar with the sea border.

"These two have registered us in the EU's regulatory trajectory with fair competitive conditions for trading. Sir Frost is now Net Zero. We are banging about the need to abandon, but we can't. We are working on it by an international treaty he has settled with the EU.

"Worse, they are We have sold our fishery to the ruins. We even promise to stay in the ECHR through their deal. "

Under the leadership of Mr Johnson, and he signed the country. Thanks to the agreement, he added:

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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson. (Image: Getty)

Ben Habib

Benhabib. (Image: Getty)

The prime minister's failure lies not only in individual agreements and policy deals, but in his overall approach to governance. Pointed out.

Habib emphasized: We should abandon the EU bureaucracy and lower taxes. We are not. State intervention is higher than ever, and taxes are at high post-war levels.

"If you repeat the relationship with the truth that the Prime Minister does not exist, there is a recipe for disaster. That is what he provided."

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The European trade landscape after Brexit

The trade situation in Europe after Brexit. (Image: Express)

Johnson's departure from Downing Street is, in and of itself, positive and not negative for Brexitea.

There is particular concern that the Prime Minister may be replaced by former Health Minister Jeremy Hunt.

Mr. Hunt supported Remain prior to the 2016 referendum and then proposed a second referendum on the terms of the withdrawal agreement.

However, Mr. Habib downplayed the possibility that Tory figures would do the top job.

He states: "Don't worry if you're afraid of Jeremy Hunt's premiereship. The Tories are well aware that the next prime minister must be a Brexita. Election of someone for Remain's qualified leadership

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt. (Image: Getty)

"It won't happen."

Instead, the former Brexit Party MEP He expressed his hope that Brexit would be properly implemented, that is, "the UK will eventually be released."

If Mr Johnson remained in power, the Tories said, "Going that way resulted in a fierce defeat, but the rest of [Sir Kiel] Starmer and [Liberal Democratic Party leader Sir Sir. "Ed] Davy" would have gone in the direction. ..

However, Mr. Habib warned:

"But under no circumstances should Johnson be rewarded for his incumbent misconduct and incompetence. He must go."