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A British diver who saved 12 boys and their football coach from a flooded cave in Thailand awarded an honorary degree

Two British divers helped save a young soccer team trapped in a flooded cave inThailandin 2018University of Bristol { He was awarded an honorary degree from 6}. ..

Divers (John Bolansen of Bristol and Rick Stanton of Coventry) have rescued 12 members of the junior soccer team and their coaches from the Tham Luang Cave in Thailand.

Their efforts are described as one of the greatest rescues in history.

Cave is a rare place where a person can be completely isolated. Many of the deepest depressions in thecave are unmapped due to the lack of GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile services.

The last known survey was conducted by the French Caving Association in the 1980s.

In a statement Wednesday, Linda Wilson, vice president of the Speller Rheology Society at the University of Bristol, who nominated two divers for honorary degrees, said: Perform an impossible task.

"Fortunately, with a combination of extraordinary courage and careful planning, they have overcome all possibilities and succeeded in one of the most extraordinary rescues ever attempted. And in the end it brought all 12 boys and their coaches back to life. The most dangerous situation I can imagine. "

After getting a degree, the diver said he was humble.

Stanton said it was an "absolute honor" to receive this award.

"This is an honor and a humbleness, especially considering the other people who received the same thing and did much better than I did," Bolansen said.

Stanton described the rescue mission and said the scale was "unprecedented."

"This is unprecedented and there is no real comparison. People cite it as one of the greatest rescues in history.

" Two weeks It was half as long, so I had to think outside the box. We were literally writing the procedure. There was no manual. This has never been done before. "

The duo led a team of 5,000 rescue workers and took 13 to a safe place.

"I've been driving in difficult situations and I'm pretty confident that I can manage my safety. It was very dangerous for boys. Trying to get rid of them was previously It wasn't done, "said Bolansen.