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"Goodbye, you are a clown": Olly Alexander and Kathy Burke among the celebrities celebrating Boris Johnson's resignation decision

Olly Alexander,Richard OthmanandCathy Burke,Boris JohnsonAnnounced and resignedas Prime Minister today (July 7).

Johnson's decision was made publicly by Johnson's new Prime MinisterNadim Zahawiafter the new educational secretary Michelle Donneran took on the role on Tuesday night (July 6). It was done after becoming the fifth Cabinet Minister to offer to resign. Encourage him to "do the right thing and go now".

The retiring Prime Minister has a large number of resignations from the ministerial level and a cabinet rebellion.

Starting Tuesday night, a total of 57 people have resigned or been dismissed from the government, including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

Many celebrities responded to the news of Johnson's imminent resignation on Twitter.

It's a sinStar Olly Alexander posted: Do you have any more letters? JokemeaninglessHost Richard Othman, a sad-faced pictogram.

He added: "I think his resignation speech will be calm and elegant."

Boris Johnson


Comedian David Baddiel writes: This very historic moment, the FFS, will give a resignation speech as soon as it needs to go out late this morning. I really want to sit here and make fun of it.

Kathy Burke posted a GIF dancing with the words "Bye bye bog job, defeat the clown."

Actor Adrian Edmondson said, "Quitter!"

Piers Morgan tweeted. "Confirmed: Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister but wants to stay until October until a new leader is announced. This seems ridiculous-certainly he has to go now. "?"

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