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Christine McGuinness speaks for the first time since rumors from her husband Paddy split

Christine McGuinnessdealt with rumors that she splitfrom her husband Paddyand simply laughed at the theory.

Over the past week,rumors have spread on the internet, andpair marriages are going well, but at 34, she's all right between her and top gear. I'm rebelliously saying that. Host paddy, 48 years old.

Speaking of OK! "To be honest, we are really good people," Christine clearly stated.

She continued to celebrate their good times together, but she admitted that they also had some tough patches,she writes a mirror.

Christine continued: "We had a difficult time, but when we look back at our marriage and see where we are now," Wow, you Know, we're okay! "

"I first met Paddy 14 years ago, but now I have three gorgeous children. I'm married 11 It's been a year. Both are busier than ever, but they're doing really great things.

"I couldn't ask him for anything more. I'm very grateful. I'm glad. So I have no complaints. "

Christine went on to praise Paddy's child-rearing skills. The couple shared together Penelope and Leo, the twins of Felicity, 9 and 6 years old.

She describes the Hubby Paddy as follows: "He has a very strong bond with all the children and is more practical than ever.

Christine McGuinness has addressed split rumours from husband Paddy
Christine McGuinness dealt with split rumors from her husband Paddy

"But Now he can see how old the kids are and how fast the time is flying, so when he's at home he's thinking about them all. We're all family And it's nice. "

Christine said her" greatest goal "is becoming a mother and it's" everything I wanted to be. "

Christine and Paddy McGuinness have been together for 14 years
Christine and Paddy McGuinness have been together for 14 years

The former Reality Star added: "Motherhood was more than I expected and I learned a lot about myself in the process."

"I didn't know I could be as patient as I was." I've been a mom for nearly nine years and everyone is growing and prospering. I have three very happy children and they are loved like never before. It's the best I've done. "

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