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Conor McGregor utters adult rants after being accused of living in a "fantasy world"

Conor McGregor's latest Twitter rant says he "who" Rafael Fiziev after the UFC lightweight accused him of living in "fantasy." The world I saw labeling "B ****".

McGregor and Fiziev participated in an enthusiastic exchange onTwitter. Attempted to give advice on kicking to the decorated Muethai fighter. The pair seemed to be on good terms when Fiziev invited McGregor to come and train with him in Thailand. But the Irish people turned their noses to the offer and continued to insult Azerbaijan.

"That's a companion, there's no sound," McGregor replied to Fiziev. "Think of me as a 12-iron Tiger Woods, your nose as a golf ball, and think of me as I'm sprinting with a running switch kick. Oh, you bend down, awesome, that's great. . Congratulations Palhaha ". McGregor later added "Tiger Woods Muay Thai Dubai".

McGregor also tweeted a photo of a golf ball on the tee and indirectly wrote to Fiziev: The Irish then expressed their love for Ireland and Dubai in a strange tweet about driving a golf ball from the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

"Yeah, my team! My team is a lifetime! We're skinning for c **** years. Today's F *** training is for these guys p ***, "he wrote. "Instead, drive the ball from the top of the Burj Al Arab! My country is Dubai! We are exercising here! My country is Ireland! For life we ​​dominate

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In the final part of McGregor's rant, a bus attack on Habib Burj Al Magomedov in 2018 I was proud of. McGregor and his teammates attacked the bus The Nurmagomedov was at the Barclays Arena in New York. The Irish wrote about the case as follows: "I'm against my team and I'm trapping you in the area. Like a scared mouse. A word to Berkeley."

Almost a year has passed since McGregor broke his leg in Dustin Poirier at UFC264. He has been sent off since his injury, but now he can train normally with compromised feet. McGregor is unlikely to return to the octagon this year, but he was recently asked for a 170-pound clashby UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira, who was recently stripped.

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