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Cost of Living - Live: Liz Truss says energy firm profits 'not bad' as bills soar

Sunak and Truss "fight each other like rats in a sack," says the Shadow Attorney General

Rishi Sunak notes that Liz Truss's tax cut plan without direct support would result in "millions of incredibly vulnerable people falling into true poverty." are exposed to the risk of

The Conservative Party answered a question at an event held in Cheltenham with members in a 'moral failure' said it would.

“[Liz] thinks her tax cuts will help them, but it doesn’t. We will risk poverty," he said.

"Well, I think it's a lack of morals."

Ms. Truss countered, saying she was "low tax, growth-enhancing, opportunity-enhancing," and that the UK would be in business. We want to make sure it is open.

UK households will pay higher energy prices for about 10 years until morerenewable powergeneration drives back costs, new report from Cornwall Insights The two candidates were heavily criticized for their economic policies, as they warned they could face crises. 2021 and earlier levels.


Truss Tax Blair Blair think tank

says the idea could save the poorest people just 76p a month. Adam Forrest reports to the Tony Blair Institute.

Tax cuts could make Britain's wealthiest households £93 a month wealthier, according to a think tank. The institute then also said Rishi Sunak's proposal to cut VAT on fuel would "have little or no impact on low-income households."

Chief of the Tony Blair Institute His economist Ian Mulhailn said:

“To get a serious response, the new Prime Minister will need to extend and expand Prime Minister Sunak's aid package. There is no way.”


Brexit: Bad trade deal with India

Top UK companies warn government against rushing into bad trade deals withIndia there is

Our Political Correspondent Adam Forrest reports:

Commerce Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan said focus on content over Diwali deadlines


Sunak Reinforces Commitment to Address Cost of Living Crisis

Rishi Sunak Stands Out from Rivals reinforced its commitment to tackle the cost of living crisis in the Tory race for the lead.

The former prime minister said he was ready to find up to £10bn in additional aid for those facing rising bills in the fall. The Times

Amy Gibbons said 16 million vulnerable people:

To address the burden imposed by the rising bill, the former prime minister said people should "reassure them now about what we will do". I need it.”


Coffey says Truss is considering "all options" on utility bills. Says

Liz Truss advocate Therese Coffey says "all options" including direct subsidy payments will be considered when it comes to handling the energy bill. .Adam Forrestreported.

Asked by Sky News if Truss would consider subsidies if he becomes prime minister, the working and pensions secretary said:

She added: I absolutely promise to do it with an emergency budget.

But when she talked about further steps, Coffey again emphasized tax cuts over "subsidies." "The reason I'm supporting Liz is to make sure people have more money in their pockets instead of waiting for the government to implement these plans and pay people back.


Government shows "lack of action," LDP says

Sarah Olney MP in response to figures showing GDP fell 0.6% in June Lib Dems Treasury Department spokesperson said, "Warning lights are flashing red, but the government has taken no action."

"There is no time to waste. Ministers must act now to build confidence and avert recession.

"It's time to give families peace of mind by doing away with rising energy prices that are being financed by windfall taxes on the record profits of oil and gas giants."


Labor shadow prime minister accuses Tories of losing control of economy

Shadow Prime Minister Rachel Reeves said: ``The economy is contracting. Inflation is skyrocketing. 195}

"With the Bank of England predicting a recession that will last through the next year, Conservative leadership candidates will have to stop playing in the gallery and come up with a serious plan to win Britain. There is an economy back on track.

"Workers are what we need now to help people weather the cost of living crisis and build the stronger and safer economy Britain deserves."

TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady said:

"Ministers must do more to raise salaries. An early rise in the minimum wage this fall and wage hikes across the public sector to keep up with inflation. This helps us protect demand and business confidence.”


Truss loses direction at Hastings, Cheltenham

When asked how he plans to address the cost of living crisis, the Tory leader's challenger said

223} told members of the Conservative Party that they wanted to focus on "tax cuts".

Ms Truss then appeared to confuse the county by saying, "We need to proceed with the delivery of the small modular reactors that we manufacture here in Derbyshire." It looked like

Her claim was met with small applause by the Cheltenham audience.

Truss noted that Hastings in Cheltenham was located in Derbyshire, not Gloucestershire.


Work and Pension Commissioner Claims £5,000

Average next year's energy prices will be "far below" the projected £5,000, one minister said.

Jobs and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey told ITV's Good Morning Bulletin: What Happens at Price Cap?

"All the figures I have seen in no way suggest that the average utility bill next year will be £5,000. Nothing comes close."


Liz Truss advocate Ms Coffey added: Major legislation we need to undertake.


Coffey said that "all options" for the cost of living are on the table. I'm here.Subsidies

Liz Truss supporter Therese Coffey says "all options", including subsidies, will be considered when it comes to helping with the cost of living.

If Ms Truss becomes prime minister, Sky News asked if she would consider subsidies to help boost energy prices, Work and Pensions Secretary Coffey said. He said: Conditions for assistance schemes that may be required, whether in a targeted way, which Liz is absolutely committed to doing in her emergency budget, or in a general way to remove increases in national insurance.

“People are looking for help.

Coffey said the government is "preparing" to provide more support once Ofgem announces a new price cap. suggested.

She added: Instead of waiting for the government to implement these plans and pay people back, I support Liz to make that growth to make sure people have more money in their pockets. I'm here.


Truss said energy company profits were "neither evil nor dirty."

Conservative leadership supporter Liz Truss defends the enormous profits of the energy giants, calling them "filthy and evil". argued that it should not be considered

Oil and gas industry chiefs urge Truss and rival Rishi Sunak to eliminate windfall tax on profits as soon as possible and not extend.

Truss, who has resisted opposition calls for an increase in the windfall tax, said: And the fact that it has become a foul language in our society is a big deal.

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Truss has protected energy company interests as millions struggle with huge bills