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Danica Accuses Love Island Rival, Claiming He Caused Her 'Lowest Moment' At Villa, She Almost Quit

LOVE Island star Danica lashed out at Billy for causing a "lowest moment" at the villa.

21-year-old sheds tears after   Billy  {10 She ended things between them only hours after they became intimate between the sheets.

I admit it.

She said, ``I think it all went through my mind. Magazine.

``It was really hard.

"As confident as I am, there's only so much one girl can do. But I dusted myself off, got back in the game, and Jamie walked in." and saved the day."

Billy rushed to inform young people that the 'salon' was open, leaving viewers horrified. 25}  .

He then completely ignored her during a game of snog, marriage, and her pie.

After learning that he was talking about her behind her back, Danika confronted him.

Billy then invited Danica to chat and told her.

Danica replied. "I know this is just a game and a bit of a joke, but at the same time, I've been through this here."

Billy said.

Danica confessed to having romantic feelings for Billy, but he closed his eyes on the future and said: "That doesn't mean I don't feel it - there's a clear

A few days later, soccer player Jamie walked in, and sparks quickly flew in.

The two left home.} and even said they would have "cute kids".