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The dead brother of the girl "chopped for kebab meat" could not "overcome" her death

The missing sister wasmurdered, and the four fathers believed to be "chopped for the flesh of Kebab"disappeared. Never OvercameBefore his own tragic death, I heardinterrogation.

Robert Downs, 30, was found to be unresponsive in his bedroom in December 2021 after his parents overdoseheroine. did.

His devastated mother, Karen Downs, told her what happened to her sister Charlene Downs after she disappeared in November 2003, "wonderful" My son "never got over it."

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14 years old Shirleen disappeared in the Blackpool without leaving a trace, triggering a large-scale investigation of thepolice, but she was not found.

Charlene, aged 14, vanished without a trace in Blackpool in November 2003, and was never fo
14-year-old Shirley disappeared and was found in Blackpool in November 2003 without a trace. Was not done

Two men were tried in May 2007. One was Downs'smurderand the other helped dispose of her body.

The prosecution alleged that one of the defendants put his body in a kebab sold by a fast food store owned by one of the defendants and talked about a man disposing of her body.

However, concerns over the evidence compiled by Lancashire Constabulary prevented the jury from reaching a ruling, and subsequent trials collapsed.

Shirley's sorrowful family faced further tragedy on December 4, 2021 when her brother turned out to be unresponsive at her parents' home.

Robert's dad Robert Sr, sister Rebecca and mum Karen outside the coroners court
Robert's dad Robert Sr., sister Rebecca, Mama Karen outside the Coroners Court

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Robert is from his mother It was described as "one of the most amazing people".Miller reports.

After investigating his death, his sorrowful mother said:

"After Charlene, he was never the same. We had so many traumas. He could get over Shirley and his Nanna dying. He said he couldn't. We didn't have justice. "

His mother added: A very kind person. Many people appreciated him very much.

"He had four beautiful children, he was planning to start college and found a job again, which was a massive tragedy that affected all of us. {

"Robert would make everyone laugh and he was lovely."

Robert and his sister Rebecca Downes
Robert And his sister Rebecca Downs

In a survey at Blackpool City Hall on Tuesday (July 5), Robert I heard that he went to Mumber on Dixon Road on the morning of his death with his father. ..

The pair took a taxi to Blackpool FC, where they worked as stewards, and their father Robert Downes (snr) returned home around 11:30 pm that night after going to the pub. ..

Then a tragedy broke out when Robert's dad went upstairs and talked to his son and found him unresponsive on his back.

His terrifying dad did a CPR and his parents found their beloved son in such a state of stress and anxiety, an emergency service was called after a while, just before 3am It meant that I arrived at the scene.

Home Office p Dr. Allison Armor, an assologist who provided evidence of the survey, said blood samples from Robert (Jnr) showed levels of heroine within a high risk of death.

In an interrogation, I heard that Robert was suffering from depression, but his family stated that he was not thinking of self-harm.

Returning a medical cause of death as morphin toxicity of heroine, and in conclusion of death due to misfortune, Blackpool and Phild's senior coroner, Alan Wilson, proved that the heroine he took was fatal. He added: Deliberately, but he did not intend to die as a result. ”

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