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"Death, taxes, and Boris Johnson disappoint you-three certainty of life"

Politics has three certainty: death, tax, andBoris Johnson.

Tory lawmakers can no longer get angry from the moment Johnson first set foot in public life.

The Conservatives knew he had been dismissed as a journalist for inventing the quote, and he was forced to resign from the Shadow Minister for lying about the case. ..

They knew he was so unreliable that he wrote two articles before the EU referendum.

They witnessed the fraudulent tactics he used to win the vote and saw him repeat the trick to win thegeneral election

They were on the sidelines when he illegally accused Congress and could not speak out when he broke the Northern Ireland Protocol and broke international law.

Johnson has made many calls for resignation (

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They were obvious to everyone who knew he was breaking the blockade rules. Nevertheless, he defended his actions against Partygate. It was not surprising that the

PM behaved this way. Conspiracy and deception are firmly embedded in his spirit.

Now, those who hate his actions and mourn the damage done to the Tories once cheered on the prime minister when he led to the biggest election victory since the 1980s.

That was exactly 32 months ago.

In Johnson's "Get Brexit Done" campaign, he won the landslide general election (


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Johnson's "GetBrexitDone" campaign andThe leadership of JeremyCorbynresulted in a conservative majority of 80 seats.

When the exit poll landed at 10 pm on December 12, 2019, he was certainly a "Heineken Tory" and reached parts of the country that others could not reach. Was clear.

Almost 14 million people voted for the Conservative Party, which won 43.6% of the voting share and 365 seats. The net increase is 47.

Labor PartyRed Wall The Tories have won seats in the Midlands and North and have been demolished.

Humiliation and Corbyn resigned, but Johnson was pleased with the prediction that he would take full control of the party and exercise power for a decade.

Johnson refuses to dismiss Priti Patel when it turns out that he has violated the ministerial provisions of bullying. (


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But corruption began soon. When she was found to have violated the minister's norms because of bullying, he would run his administration, refusing to dismissPriti Patel-of his ethical adviser. The decision that led to the resignation.

Four months after winning the election, a pandemic took hold, blocking the country and angering libertarian conservatives.

The Britons' freedom to be the toughest peacetime curb ever imposed prevented us from going out more than once a day to exercise or buy food.

The other MPs were furious because he had been waiting for a long time, and Covid rampaged unchecked. Residents of the care facility were sent back from thehospitalto the care facility without being tested for the virus.

An estimated 20,000 people have died.

Johnson himself was attacked by Covid.

His condition worsened as he was quarantined at 10 Downing Street, and he was later admitted to the intensive care unit.

But the rest of us were trapped in our house, afraid of illness and unable to see our loved ones, so a blockade destruction party was taking place in Downing Street.

The exposure of Miller's event 18 months later will endanger PM's office grip.

Johnson was hospitalized in Covid(



Every time Johnson finds himself in the corner, he announces another spending oath, causing a clash with the Prime Minister and the Tory economy. I was worried about the Tories, keeping in mind the reputation of the operation.

During the pandemic, about £ 400 billion was spent on PPE transactions, including billions of pounds.

The contract was signed with Tory associates, fueling Threes' claims.

Details of a particular transaction have not yet been revealed and may be taken up in court.

However, we know that companies with Tories ties have been forced into huge amounts of taxpayer cash, sometimes due to gear flaws.

The Tories, which prioritize standards, integrity, and ethical behavior, were horrified at the allegations over funding the £ 58,000 refurbishment at 10 Downing Street.

PM tried to block MP Owen Paterson's 30-day outage after standard investigation(



But after Johnson lost his second ethical adviser in two years, he was ready to speak. Only a few were made.

To build up Threes' allegations, the Prime Minister sought to prevent MP Owen Paterson's 30-day outage after a standard investigation. Mr. Paterson later quit.

The Liberal Democratic Partywon the safe seat in Northern Shropshire. After the party previously lost Chesham and Amersham's Bucks constituencies to Lib Dems, it brought fear to the majority Tories.

This was the first sign that the agreement between the Prime Minister and lawmakers had begun to break.

Liberal Democratic Party newly elected MP Richard Ford is a by-election for the party's historic Tiberton and Honiton. Celebrate with supporters after victory at (


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They Agreed to turn a blind eye to his actions as long as he maintained. His appeal in the ballot box.

The deal was even more tense as it lost a seat in Wakefield's Redwall and a seat in the true blue Devonshire of Tiverton and Honiton.

Those who thought they were box office income were poisoning the ballot box.

I was out of trust. After each scandal, Johnson promised to fix his way.

It took Chris Pincher's wrath to see what many Tories had long suspected. He will never change.

MP Crispincher was stopped last week(

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They realized that it wasn't about whether another scandal would occur, but when it would happen.

PM's actions have finally caught up with him. The question many people ask is why it took so long.

And the question the Tories ask is if it's too late to undo the harm he caused to the party.

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