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A pair of sneaky Lanarkshires were punished for not properly feeding and caring for two suffering dogs.

After not properly feeding and caring for the two dogs, a sneaky Lanarkshire couple was given a fine and a supervisory order. A punishment accused of being "extremely disappointed" by the Scottish SPCA.

Chapel Hall's Brian Smith, 39, pleads guilty to failing to provide a nutritionally appropriate diet to the golden Labrador, Luna, and Patricia O'Donnell, 34, of Cairnhill. Admitted that he did not provide veterinary treatment to the elderly. Dog, Millie.

O'Donnell received a £ 250 fine, and Smith received a 12-month oversight order and 75 hours of unpaid work.

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John Chisholm, SSPCA's Chief Inspector, toldLanarkshire Live:

"The report described a Labrador cross-type dog in a facility that is very light and will often crouch. One caller described this dog as" skin and bone. " And the rear end was sticking out.

"Odner explained that her Labrador Cross, Luna was a rescuer in Romania and worked hard to make her a healthy weight.

" Luna We were immediately worried because her waist, spine, and ribs were prominently protruding and she was so debilitated.

"O'Donnell claimed that Luna was seen by a veterinarian and received dietary advice, but she couldn't remember any information about this. She also changed the story many times around this.

"Odner was warned of growing concerns about Luna's welfare. She owns another dog, Millie. I admitted that I was doing it. "

John added:

"Odner was more and more excited and angry that her animal was taking care of the veterinarian.

" At the veterinary examination, Luna was sick and angry. It turns out that it may have caused an unnecessary amount of pain because proper treatment was not sought.

"Millie's physical condition is not ideal and both sides I found that I was suffering from ear problems and dental problems.

"Millie's concerns about her ears increased and she was given a general anesthetic to investigate them completely.

"After removing a large amount of thick black wax, the procedure revealed that Millie's ears were full of tumors. Veterinary experts said the prognosis for recovery was poor. I advised, but I was able to take the drug for the time being.

"She had never been treated for this before and definitely caused suffering.

"Luna is one of our animal rescue and rehoming centers and gained 2 kg in the first 7 days."

John was also inherited by O'Donnell and Smith. Defeated the punishment. "Given the amount of suffering caused by Millie and Luna, it's a shame that no harsher decision was made.

" O'Donnell and Smith can provide the animals with the care they need. I made it clear that it wasn't. I hoped this would be reflected in the ban on possession or breeding of animals.

"If anyone is worried about animals, they are 03000999999 You can contact our secret animal help line at. ”

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