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Emmerdale fans were convinced that Charles' daughter Naomi was in the gang who attacked Nikola King after a "gift" clue.

Bad girl

EMMERDALE fans are convinced that Charles Anderson's daughter Naomi is part of a gangster who attacked Nicola King after finding a major clue.

Vicar Charles (played by Kevin Mathurin) lost his eldest daughter Naomi last week. Knowing that, he was finally tracked down and defeated her, revealing that he was her father.

However, fans believe that the newcomer played by Karene Peter has something to do with the dangerous gangster who attacked Nicola last month.

Nicola Wheeler's ITV soap opera was brutally attacked, robbed, beaten, and bloody by a group of teenage girls

Eagle's Eyes Fans guess one of the quick attacker identities.

After Nicola was attacked, one of the girls in her metal trainer approached her when she begged.

When a mysterious person whispered, he ran away saying "I'm sorry" and joined his friend.

Viewers think the trainer is a "gift" clue and point her finger at Naomi.

One fan wrote: He thinks, but yes, I think there is a connection.

Another post: "I think she has a good twist and will probably soon be introduced to the show as a permanent character."

"When she does." I think the story seems to be a good girl, misled by a group of bad friends, to connect with her who is there when Nicola is attacked. Being a real participant and feeling guilty about it. I feel. "

Fourth prediction: "I think the last person to say sorry to Nicola will somehow reach the village. Naomi will fit it."

Another Response: "A girl with a gold trainer who apologized to Nico. There must be a reason for it to happen. Yes 99% it will prove to be Naomi."

Someone else said: "You may not have seen Naomi's face, but they are definitely the sixth hooded person in many scenes of the background hiding behind one of the columns.

"Most of the time I didn't notice it for the first time, but when I replayed the scene to see where the sixth member came from, it was pretty clear. You can see the foot of the sixth girl at (I think Naomi). "

 2021, Charles ( (Drawn by Kevin Matulin)) I learned that I had a girl named Naomi, but I didn't have the opportunity to be part of her life.

This is because her ex-wife Esme was suffering. She left him for postpartum depression and as a result.

She was unable to take care of her daughter because of her condition, and Esme sent Naomi into her adoption.

But unlike Charles, she had a chance later to meet a young girl in 2020 and build a bond with her.