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Emmerdale spoilers: Mack’s mystery lover REVEALED with a pregnancy bombshell; plus Corrie and EastEnders news

EMMERDALE has kept viewers on their toes with this shocker storyline, with fans speculating for weeks who Mack had an affair with.

Finally Emmerdale's Mackenzie Boyd's mystery lover has been revealed, with a huge bombshell thrown into the mix that is certainly going to destroy his partner, Charity, after losing her baby.

Charity had an ectopic pregnancy tragedy, and was fuming when Mack asked if they could try to conceive again so soon, causing the two embroiled in a blistering row and Mack sneaking off with an unnamed woman.

Now, it has been unveiled that the mystery woman is teenager Chloe Harris, and she is pregnant with the 30-year-old's baby.

How will Mackenzie react? Will Charity find out?

Read our soap spoilers blog below for the latest storylines & gossip..

  • The REAL village where Emmerdale is filmed

    Emmerdale was originally filmed in Esholt, West Yorkshire, but film crews haven't recorded there in around 20 years.

    In Esholt, stands the Woolpack pub, which is a HUGE tourist hotspot.

    Landlord Wayne Green sees around six coaches a week, he told ITV.

    He said: "I am talking about six coaches a week, sometimes more, 50 people on a coach all the way from Glasgow, Cardiff, Finland, New Zealand, all over the county.

    "They do a whole of the north of England tour and they make a week of it."

  • EastEnders star shares Barbara Windsor biography launch

    Shane Richie shared the "Celebration" of Barbara Windsor's life in the new book, By Your Side My Loving Barbara Windsor, by Scott Mitchell.

  • James Bye adopts the iconic Strictly tan

    The actor is competing on Strictly Come Dancing this year.

    James Bye plays Martin Fowler on EastEnders and has continued to work while dancing on Strictly.

    Celebrities are known for getting bronzed while being on Strictly and James is no different, but as he’s still appearing on EastEnders, he’s worked with the writers to acknowledge it.

    He said: “I’ve just put a line in that I’ve been down to the beach for the weekend. I can’t not have a spray tan, you’re on Strictly, you’ve got to have a spray tan whether you like it or not.”

  • Former Corrie actresses to work together

    Kimberly Hart-Simpson has got a huge new gig, alongside Michelle Keegan, after leaving Coronation Street this year.

    Michelle stars as Erin Croft in Sky series, Brassic, which Kimberly has been confirmed to be joining the cast of!

    The actress, who played sex worker Nicki on Corrie, shared the news on her Instagram.

    She captioned the pic as: “Next up: Brassic - season 5 - Andrea. ‘Hey babes’ 🤝💋."

    How exciting!

  • Who will be EastEnders next 'big' couple?

    The Carters are leaving and making way for new family to take the reigns of the Queen Vic.

    Fans have a WILD theory of who could be next; brace yourselves for this one.

     "Will Alfie and Linda get together?" Pondered one fan in the Digital Spy forum.

    Another added: "Wasn’t excited about Alfie's return BUT him and Linda did have a good screen spark for me today that I wasn’t expecting."

  • Coronation Street's schedule change

    Corrrie fans will be delighted to know that the soap returns to our screen for the third consecutive night tonight.

    It is on tonight at 8pm on ITV.

    The schedule change is due to the international women’s football, which will be broadcast during the soap’s usual slot on Friday night.

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  • Hollyoaks: Misbah discovers Imran's eating disorder struggle

    Imran Maalik has been suffering with an eating disorder for months now, which he has kept to himself an hidden from his family.

    He has been avoiding eating meals and then taking part in extreme exercise, which is incredibly dangerous.

    Chef Imran sustains a nasty burn after feeling woozy due to not eating enough which becomes infected, making Imran collapse at work in the kitchen.

    Will Imran be okay?

  • Coronation Street: Aaron in total disbelief as his dad caught in horror house fire

    The trainee mechanic is left distraught after his dad was put in hospital from a house fire.

    Aaron takes the blame for his dad's condition, after leaving him unsupervised.

  • Emmerdale: HUGE betrayal as Chas fails to show up for dying Faith

    Viewers know that Faith Dingle's death is not far away, as she prepares for her end of life.

    But in distressing scenes, as Faith dies, Chas is with her secret lover Al Chapman in a hotel.

    In further shocking scenes, the two's casual relationship ramps up as they admit their love for one another!

    As Chas's family desperately try to contact her to tell her Faith has died, she switches her phone off, unknowing of what is happening at home...

  • EastEnders: Threat made to Suki Panesar

    Stacey Slater has got her eye on Suki, and has made sure she knows it and not to hurt Eve Unwin.

    After noticing Suki was rude to Eve, Stacey tells her to keep well away, and organises a blind date to help Eve move on from Suki.

    However, Stacey's warning doesn't go to plan, and Suki and Eve just can't keep away from each other.

    With Nish moments away from being released from prison, will someone catch Eve and Suki together, and tell Nish about their affair?

  • Hollyoaks: Sienna Blake vs The Undertaker

    Norma has been on the warpath as she tried (and failed) to kill James Nightingale.

    But Sienna plans to end all this, and decides to try to smother Norma while she is in hospital but one of Norma's associates knocks her out before she can finish the job.

    Ethan finds out what is happening and rushes to the hospital to take out the evil Embalmer who is moments away from giving Sienna the "lethal injection".

  • Emmerdale's 50th anniversary episode date CONFIRMED

    You can catch the incredible storm episode very soon, which will be a Sunday special episode.

    This exciting episode will air on Sunday 16 October at 7pm on ITV.

  • Hollyoaks: Maxine to take on incel Eric for his shocking behaviour

    Eric's creepy antics might finally come to a head when Maxine Minniver discovers that he is an incel.

    The two end up on a date, and Eric makes no effort to disguise his misogynistic views, disturbing Maxine, telling him they are better off just friends.

    He takes the news badly and becomes really abusive towards Maxine.

    She later on discovers a threatening message scrawled into one of her textbooks, instantly realising Eric must be the culprit of it.

  • Hollyoaks actress celebrates having her first baby

    Hannah Tointon and Inbetweeners actor Joe Thomas have welcomed their new baby, announced sister and former EastEnders star, Kara.

    Kara told Ashley James on Mum's the Word podcast, that the two have had a girl.

    She said: "My sister's just had her first.

    "What's funny is that on Joe's side there's only boys, even during the scan they accidentally said 'he' at one point, so they'd gone along thinking: 'Well, it's a boy'.

    "Everyone playing the shape game etc said she's having a boy, so when they eventually had a girl... it was really brilliant, but it knocked them for six."

    She added: "So they hadn't even decided on a girl's name. They left it as a surprise."

  • EastEnders characters waited 14 hours to see the Queen Lying in State

    In a recent episode, Kim and Denise Fox discuss paying their respects to the late Monarch, as her death is referenced on the show.

    Kim tells Karen: "You know what, me and Denise were queuing all throughout the night to see the Queen, yeah.

    I was filming material all the royal correspondents would have loved it."

  • Emmerdale: Fans are dreading this heartbreaking episode

    Viewers will have known for a long time that Faith Dingle is terminally ill with cancer, and that she will not be a part of the show any longer.

    But it looks like that day will finally come, ahead of the show's 50th anniversary episodes.

    On Thursday 13 October, Faith will decide to take her own life, and some fans will refuse to watch the episode.

    On Entertainment Daily's forum, one fan wrote: “Don’t know if I want to watch this, it’s going to be so emotional and sad.”

    “Faith’s passing is going to be a tearjerker, gutted the character is going,” another penned.

  • Former Hollyoaks actress wows as she learns pole dancing

    Sarah Jayne Dunn left Hollyoaks to pursue her adult content career on OnlyFans.

    Sharing her new skill on Instagram, Sarah said she was "obsessed" with pole dancing.

    "I’ve found my favourite new hobby! I’ve been wanting to start pole classes for a long time, I’ve had a go at it at a couple of hen dos over the years but never found a class close enough to home, until about 3 weeks ago and I am OBSESSED!" Sarah wrote on her Instagram.

    Wearing a green sports bra and leopard print shorts, Sarah shows off her incredible strength as she flips upside down and grips the pole with just her legs.

  • EastEnders: Fans excitedly wait Max Branning's possible return

    We might not have seen the last of Max Branning, as the Cotton and Branning families are due to return for Dot Cotton's funeral.

    It has been confirmed that Lauren Branning is returning, and her father might not be far behind her.

    One fan wrote on the Digital Spy forum: "Lauren back, it’s likely as I’m sure he’s meant to be with her."

    "I can see Jake Wood returning permanently next year," another speculated.

  • Coronation Street: Max to get a huge shock from the police

    Max Turner has been accused of trolling on the internet after his refugee friend Daryan got a place in the local school and he didn't.

    David then told the police, who came round and confronted Max.

    Will Max change his ways in the weeks to come?

  • 'Danny would be great'

    Danny Dyer's name has been mentioned many times during the months prior to I'm A Celebrity but fans could be granted their wishes after producers think he "would be great".

    The Sun exclusively revealed how I'm A Celeb bosses are VERY keen to sign up Mr Dyer, after the actor said he was leaving EastEnders after nine years.

    A show source said: “Producers think Danny would be great on the series and is their number one target.

    “They’re hoping he’ll be finished in time, they’d definitely be up for a big money offer.”

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  • Could we see a huge star return to Walford?

    After finding out that actress Jacqueline Jossa will come back for the tribute to the iconic June Brown and her on-screen alter ego, BBC One viewers believe it only makes sense for Jake Wood to reprise his role.

    "I think strut wise, Max would also go. Depends if Jake is up for a return", one fan wrote as another quickly echoed: "Lauren back, it’s likely as I’m sure he’s meant to be with her."

  • Shirley makes a discovery

    Shirley has had it in for the Mitchell clan for several years and the feud only got more bitter due to Ben's involvement in her pal Heather Trott's death.

    This week, she makes a shocking discovery about her former flame Phil and is willing to use it to her advantage.

    When she notices him talking to his lawyer Ritchie Scott, Shirley becomes intrigued.

    Phil later receives a mysterious text from DCI Samantha Keeble, asking him to meet her and a curious Shirley follows him.

    This leads to her finding some incriminating evidence on Phil which she believes she could use to her advantage.

  • Harriet makes a confession

    The former vicar and policewoman played by Katherine Dow Blyton made the decision to move on from her past romance with Will Taylor due to his upcoming wedding with Kim Tate.

    This led her straight into Dan Spencer's arms as he confessed his own feelings for her.

    But their relationship shocks Will this week as he becomes aware of their romance.

    Although she appears happy in her unlikely romance with Dan, Harriet confides in Wendy Posner - and admits she's still in love with Will.

    Wendy tries to take Harriet's off of Will and pushes her to go forward with Dan.