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Escape to the Angel of the Chateau breaks the silence on the return of the show – and fans have a lot to say

Escape plan

Château's escape to Angel Strawbridge broke her silence on the show's return-and fans I have a lot to say.

Channel 4 shows have disappeared from the screen since December of last year, when Series 8 ended.

Angeland her husbandDick, 62keep fans up to date on the chateau via social media, but fans desperately It has become. Show back. In an interview,

Angel, 44, revealed that Series 9 of theEscape to the Châteauwill be televised by the end of the year.

She didn't tell her the exact date or month, but she was excited to find that the fans wouldn't take too long to wait for her.

One person wrote, "Thank you for the wonderful interview. I can't wait for the next series."

Another addition: "I'm crazy about straw bridges".

Meanwhile, the couple is working on a spin-off show.

Looking at the FAQ section of the website, the couple answered questions about whether to do another series focused on traveling away from the chateau.

They said: "We were actually planning a travel show for a while ... unfortunately the blockage meant we had to put this in the back burner.

"But that's definitely what we're doing, so take a look at this space because we want to do it in the future!"

The couple already have another spin-off Has a series, Escape to the Chateau: Make, Do, Mend. This is what you see Angel and Dick helping the family. There is a design and DIY dilemma.

Escape to the chateau broadcast on Channel 4 and available on all 4.