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Euro 2022: Salina Wiefman is a proven winner, Lioness should aim for the final ... at least the English legend says

Host England will begin bidding for the glory of Euro 2022 against Austria on Wednesday night.

And when they step into Old Traffordtheir credentials should be undeniable

Lioness is Salina Wiefman's Reached new heights below, they are undefeated in 14 years as she took over — and desperate to get their first major trophy.

Here, four English legends verdict ...

Former star Fara Williams has the fear that boss Weegman will drive England to glory. I believe there is.

Former midfielder has played 172 games in Lioness and scored 40 goals in his 18-year international career.

And Williams, 38, believes that Canny Head Coach Weegman can give her side an edge in this tournament.

She tellsWilliam Hill:

"I played for the Home Euro in 2005 and it was horrifying, and I wouldn't have participated in that tournament without the fact that we were hosting it.

"So I'm excited about the fact that we're in a place that's being talked about as one of our favorites to win this tournament, and I'm Britain winning

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"Salina Wiefman is a big factor She is a great coach. She has the know-how. She was a player with over 100 caps in the UK.

"And just talk to the girl, they have her I like. They are a little afraid of her. I think it's a good thing. She keeps them on the edge.

"She keeps their competitiveness, but England Sometimes the team wasn't there.

"She is honest with them, you are honest with people, you know where they are standing, they play their role When you know, I think it will keep them engaged longer. "

Lauren Hemp is expected to give defenders a nightmare during the tournament.

And Williams can't wait for Manchester City to reach full flow at the age of 21.

She states: "Lauren is just exciting. She's a fearless and direct person.

" When you see a player play one-on-one with a defender and take over , We love it. When you leave, it's a player of her type.

"She reminds me of Rachel Yankee. Rachel Yankee was a star.

"Everyone knew the name of Rachel Yankee when the game was small. It's a compliment to that Lauren Hemp can be put in that bracket. There has been no one like the Yankee since she retired. "

Meanwhile, Sir Jeffhurst admits that the 1966 scale passed him as a player. ..

However, the legendary England World Cup hero urged Salina Wiefman's Three Lions to embrace every moment of the historic home in a tournament.

Having reached the final semi-finals in 2017, this is a great opportunity to represent their country in the first major tournament finals of 13 years.

Hurst played the leading role England hosted the World Cup in 1966, recording a hat-trick in the final and seeing West Germany 4-2 at Wembley.

AndI will speak on behalf of McDonald's fan football. An 80-year-old woman said: "It is absolutely unbelievable to represent England in her home tournament .

" Opportunity.

"I didn't absorb much in 1966. You're in your own bubble and you don't know what's going on or what's being said.

"Looking back, I noticed its size. It changed things dramatically for us.

" So English women enjoyed that aspect, You just have to play great at home. It always gives you the chance to win. "

Hurst, the glory of the euro could be the game changer for women's football here. I feel that.

He added: "Hopefully, we can see how far the women's match has progressed.

" Having more girls in football would be another big step forward. "

Hope Powell knows exactly what it takes to reach the major finals. She wants you to talk more about it.

Powell made history 13 years ago as the first manager to lead Lioness to the Euro showpiece.

Her team included legends such as Kelly Smith, Fara Williams, Karen Carney, and Eniora Arco.

In Finland, I lost to Germany 6-2 and suffered the last heartache.

And 55-year-old Powell joked. "I remember telling the FA that I was going to the final.

" What I didn't say was, "We're going to win it." .. That's what I really have to say bloody.

"Expectations are very different now. This England team is expected to advance to the final and win.

" Level of pressure on players and management of Is different from when he made it to the finals. My boss.

"It takes some decisions to go the way. If they can achieve it and everyone stays healthy, there is a chance."

But Powell warns that needs more support for grassroots games to maintain our "talented belt conveyor." Powell, who has been in control of the country for five years since 1998, hopes that these euros will help raise the profile of the sport.

Recent reports show that 6,000 grassroots clubs are now and next season. According to a PricetoPlay survey, 2,600 clubs are already closed.

And Powell added: Current players will never play — the next generation needs to come. 

"We need a talented conveyor belt, so it's very important that it's the right path for them.

" Team Diversity There are concerns about the lack, but it is of utmost importance that is not ignored, as the FA is trying its best to deal with it with the club. "

Former England Riane Sanderson is helping Lioness reach the first women's euro final since 2009.

But she knows that will be huge, and she's enthusiastic about Wiefman's team playing at home.

The 34-year-old admits that: } "We will be in the tournament-whether it's a men's team or a women's team-and we're expected to win. That's great.

" But we've reached the final You should be able to. In the last few years, it was who played the semifinals of major tournaments.

"They have everything at their disposal. The fact that it's home. Is an additional incentive.

" players like Bethmead and Ellen White have previously been in this situation and can help younger players."

Breaking new ground in football while in the spotlight is a familiar area for Sanderson.

At the age of 14, she became the youngest female professional player in England after joining theArsenal

. The first British club to win the Women's Champions League in 2007.

And Former Gunner (now a expert) was one of the youngest stars of England to reach the Euro final. 13 years ago.

The player, who was 21 at the time, lost to Germany 6-2, so he played on behalf of the second half.

Former striker Sanderson added: "Currently, the players are completely professional, do not require secondary work and have facilities.

" There is no reason not to win, but the quality of some other teams. Keep in mind that you are going to win based on.

"You have France, Norway is back with Adahegelberg.

"Spain will be hard to beat, but I don't know why England really doesn't work.

" Since Weegman came in, the team has become much more ruthless in front of the goal and Salina. I think he is more ruthless as a head coach.

When asked to compare this euro campaign with 2009, Sanderson added:

"I've always been the type of player who loves pressure and looks successful when he wins a penalty in the game or when he shoots out .

"We were far away from them when we lost to Germany 6-2 in the 2009 Euro final.

" But we are now to them. I'm catching up and I think they're better than them. "