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"Everyone loves NLAW" Demand for British anti-tank weapons to annihilate Russia surges

Ukraine: Video shows the explosion of a Russian T-80MBT tank

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This weapon has proven to be extremely deadly to Russian tanks in the ongoing war in Ukraine. NLAW is especially . Effective in the early stages of conflict. To date, the UK has sent more than 5,000 units of NLAW to Ukraine, with more than 1,500 Vladimir Putin tanks smoldering in a pile of burnt metal scraps.

Regarding NLAW's great success, Wallace questioned whether the British and Swedish joint weapons could see enough units built at the Belfast plant. did.

He states:

"Imagine how many countries are currently interested in buying NLAW in UK, despite being a joint venture.

" Not surprisingly, that supply chain was simply not there. "

Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace says, "Everyone loves NLAW"(Image: Getty)


The UK has provided over 5,000 NLAWs to Ukraine(Image: Getty)

Wallace added that certain "prime" suppliers simply move at a constant pace, rather than increasing investment in production lines, "to banks" large orders. I will deposit it. "

The UK has also provided Ukraine with many other weapons since the beginning of the conflict.

Since the Russian cross-border attack in February, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft systems and brimstone missiles have also appeared in Britain's contribution to Ukraine.

There was concern that the UK might have a hard time exchanging its inventory due to the number of weapons sent to Ukraine.

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Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace supplies more than current demand Suggesting less(Image: Getty)


NLAW is a joint project between the UK and Sweden and was built in Belfast(Image: Getty)

In June, Defense Secretary Sir Tony Radakin said the government needed to work with defense suppliers on this issue.

He also states:

"Yes, you can dismantle ammunition and artillery, but it will take years, whether it's not very sophisticated or modest in NLAW (anti-tank) weapons.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has forced several NATO members to pledge to increase defense costs.

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Russian Tank

Reduced NLAW Russian tanks to smoldering debris(Image: Getty)

Wallace said the NATO Summit in Ukraine Before, pressured Boris Johnson and demanded more money.

At the resulting summit, Britain promised to spend 2.5% of its GDP on defense after the end of the war.

The number of NATOs is also increasing, and Sweden and Finland have joined the alliance, breaking away from the traditional neutral position.


The United States has a presence in Europe Increase(Image: Getty)

The United States will also add two naval destroyers to its permanent military base, Spain. , Promised to increase its presence in Europe. In Poland, there are two new squadrons of F-35 Fighter Jet in the UK and additional air defense batteries in Germany and Italy.

Russia has repeatedly protested the expansion of NATO in Europe, saying it will respond in kind after the addition of Sweden and Finland.

Moscow has also declared Ukrainian members' interest in the alliance as a red line and will not allow Kyiv to participate.

The alliance has so far refrained from allowing Ukraine to participate, overcoming concerns that the country cannot defend its borders.