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Former World Champion Holds "Moment of Silence" for Tommy Fury After Jake Paul Blows

Former World Champion Pauly Marignaggi jokes forTommy Furyafter being kicked out of the fight withJake Paulagain. We held a "moment of silence". ..

Furycouldn't travel to Americadue to visa issues, and Paul unplugged the match yesterday. The pair was scheduled to square off in December, but was canceled due to an injury to Brit's ribs.

And after pulling out again, Malignaggi and his podcast co-host kept the mockery silence for Fury as a potential Paul opponent. The 8-0 boxer is considered Paul's first legitimate test and is expected to be replaced by Hasim Rahman Jr, who holds an even more impressive 12-1 record today.

And Malignaggi feels that Americans will prove a much tougher test, claiming that Rahman Jr has been boxing for a longer time. He has a wide range of amateur backgrounds and 13 professional matches and will put him in front of Fury in a sporty sense, but his follow-up is not just a small part of the size.

"It's an interesting choice," Marignaggi said of Paul's changing opponents. "This is a real boxer. I didn't think Tommy Fury was a real boxer. That means Rahman Jr. was boxing. I don't know how active he was, but still this. Is a man trying to build a career. For himself in boxing, even if he hasn't panned out for him yet. This is despite the British media tabroid trying to market us. Not Tommy Fury, who was essentially the same as Jake Paul.

"Tommy Fury was supposed to be the first real boxer Jake fought, it was actually a false story. Tommy Fury wasn't the first real boxer. He was exactly the same as Jake Paul. A real TV guy who was boxing.

Tommy Fury withdraws from the fight with Jake Paul again(


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"Rahman Jr. is the man who intended to box at once in his career, no matter what, try to build a career with it. It's certainly very interesting. "

Malignaggi stepped into the world of influencer boxing as the protagonist of last year's Celebrity Boxing event for Corey B. However, he didn't take this move very seriously and dominated the Tik Tok star during a short exhibition match before winning the decision.

And he admits that he was impressed with Paul's ability to overcome adversity, as evidenced by his two matches against former UFC champion Tyrone Woodley. After Fury's hasty withdrawal, he struggled to get attention during the rematch last December, but in the second half of the fight to be 5-0, he managed to get over and eventually be malicious. I landed a knockout.

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