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Ferne McCann unveils a wonderful ring day after announcing his engagement with Lori Haynes

Ferne McCann she on the red carpet tonight, just days after announcing her whirlwind romance was engaged. I showed you a huge engagement ring.

31-year-old exTOWIEStarannounced his engagement with Lori Hayneson Sunday. A 30-year-old Dubai-based real estate developer kneeled on her knees during her trip to France and asked her to become her wife.

And the newly engaged couple went public together tonight, pretending to be theirs at the premiere of the new Marvel movie "Thor: Love and Thunder".

Only seven months after releasing the romance, the beloved pair was posing for the camera.

Ferne looked great in her hugging white gown. Her white gown showed off her tight belly at the notch in her midriff.

Her dress features sequin details from her shoulders to her sleeves, perfect for the glittering rocks on her left hand.

Newly engaged couples Ferne McCann and Lorri Haines (


Dave J Hogan / Getty Images)
The couple clasped each other's hands, When we entered the first screening of the new movie, we grinned at each other (


Dave J Hogan / Getty Images)

The real star wore blonde hair on a smooth back ponytail and perfected her look with a gorgeous make-up face.

Lori wore a crisp white shirt and a gray wool suit combined with a moccasin, and she looked just as classy.

The couple clasped each other's hands and grinned at each other as they entered the first screening of the new movie. The

reality show star was released earlier this year with Lori and recently revealed that she shares Essex's home with her father.

Shortly after revealing on Sunday that her beauty was asking for a proposal, Ferne revealed details of the proposal in her follow-up post on herInstagram.

"I was caught on the shores of opal after my boyfriend suggested her fiancé," said the star, posing in France with her new diamond ring. I added a caption for my snap.

Only seven months after being released in romance, the beloved pair was the camera(


Dave J Hogan / Getty Images)
Ferne looked great in a white gown hugging. The white gown showed off a tight belly with a notch in the middle (


Getty Images)

"It's very surreal to call @lozzahaines my fiance. Also, I like this photo very much, but I couldn't disguise it or make it a little smoother. "The old mic pack," she continued, focusing on how the mic was attached to the bottom of her back in a romantic moment.

She continued: "Tbh I am very grateful that the crew of my movie was there to capture this special moment forever [camera emoji]. I. I can't wait to relive this moment when I laughed and cried. At the same time.

"Thank you for making me so happy and happy @lozzahaines. It's time to celebrate. I'm someone's fiancée. "

" You deserve much happier than anyone else, "one fan told the star when she shared her joy online, another fan added: .. But at least now you have finally found your prince.

Ferne was previously unlucky in love after her daughter's father was put in jail on Sunday. 2017 acid attack.

But since she met Lori on vacation in Dubai last year, her one mother has been loved and happy. The businessman meets her daughter and builds an "organic" bond. ..

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