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Former Declandil of Jordi Shore Star "Enjoying Time with Rerank Lark" After Snog Photo

Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry's ex-boyfriend is said to be enjoying time with Rylan Clark after the pair waseavesdropped.

In the photo taken on Saturday, Declandil (32 years old), who appeared with former Nathan in celebrityEx On The Beach, is the presenter while locking her lips. I put my hand on my waist.

Fans were enthusiastically sent by sweet snaps, and now Declan's spokesperson is open about the couple's relationship.

He told Miller: "Declin is currently single and keeps his options open.

" He enjoys his time with Lilan.

Reportedly, the beloved pair had a red wine while a 33-year-old Lilan was taking a cigarette break outside a restaurant in Merrillborn. I was cheating.

One source toldTheSun: "Relan and Declan It seemed very close outside Maryborn's restaurant. There was no doubt that there was a romantic spark.

"They seemed to be dating. They were in the restaurant. I shared an intimate kiss and hug outside of. The kiss looked so passionate and kept me holding hands. "

Miller contacted a Rylan representative for comment. ..

Last year, Strictly star struggled after breaking up with her husband Dan Neale.

Lilan is now single after the marriage broke down last year

Declan is the source of Nathan Henry of Georgee Shore

Former X-Factor Contestants were forced to take time from the gig of his presentation and blame themselves for the separation of the couple.

Presenter's mother, Linda, recently talked about the collapse of her son's marriage, admitting: Feed him "

Lilan is one of the country's most beloved presenters, but inBig Issue Magazinehe may be in a" good place ". Butsaid he wasn't completely satisfied.

He broke up with his husband Dan last year

Star had the best life with Jeri Horner in Silverstone(



Regarding his hopes for the future, he said: truth.

"Really, the best advice I can give to [my young self] is to make sure you are always happy."

Happy Stars Something I did was hopping on a helicopter with fellow Jeri Horner over the weekend.

The pair flew to Silverstone to see Formula One's British legs supporting Jeri's Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

From an aircraft arriving at the palace grounds of Spice Girl's Mega Mansion sharing a snap, Lilan seemed to have his best life. {1 05}

And his fans agreed.

Many have pointed out how lucky the Essex boy was.

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