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"I'm hungry" is real, and scientists have just proved it.

Studies suggest that hunger can really make people "hungry."

According to a small study, hunger is strongly associated with feeling angry and frustrated, and many know it as a hanger, which is a combination of the words hunger and anger. It leads to the feelings being.

A study led by scholars at the University of Angliara Skin (ARU) in the United Kingdom and Karl Landsteiner Health Science University in Austria also found that hunger was associated with lower levels of pleasure. ..

ARU's professor of social psychology and lead author Viren Swami said:

"Our study is the first study to find out that we are" hungry "outside the lab.

"By tracking people in our daily lives, we found that hunger was associated with levels of anger, irritability, and joy.

'We. Studies have not shown ways to alleviate the negative emotions caused by hunger, but studies show that being able to label emotions helps to regulate them. I'm hungry.

'Therefore, raising awareness of being "hungry" can reduce the likelihood that hunger will lead to negative emotions and behaviors in the individual. Various measurements of hunger and emotional well-being over 21 days.

They reported their feelings and hunger levels five times a day on their smartphone app.

According to the survey results, feelings of hunger increase feelings of anger and hypersensitivity, and the evaluation of joy is low.

This study suggests that it is highly effective even after considering factors such as age, gender, obesity index, dietary behavior, and personality.

In addition, negative emotions such as irritability, anger, and discomfort were found to be caused by both daily fluctuations in hunger and residual levels of hunger.

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