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Grand Designs viewers break down in tears after couple reveal their £1.8m home after heartbreaking health battle

GRAND Designs viewers broke down in tears after a couple revealed their £1.8m home after a heartbreaking health battle.

Tonight's episode of the Channel 4 show followed the story of Helen and her husband John.

The couple wed in 2007, two years after they met at Newbury races and then lived in a beautiful 17th century farm house.

However their lives changed drastically in 2018.

Helen felt faint and suffered from an extremely seriously stroke, in which she was in a coma for three weeks. 

When she started to come out of it, it left her severely disabled and now has aphasia.

Helen, a former vet, needs a full-time carer - who is John - and relies on getting around in a wheelchair.

At the beginning of the episode, John explained that they live separate lives, as he lives in the house, and Helen lives in the barn because it is more accessible for her.

The couple wanted to take a leap of faith and design somewhere that fits their needs, and also allow them to live closer together.

John explained to presenter Kevin McCloud that he was aiming to build a "pavilion" with the help from his son Ollie.

They aimed to build a large concrete basement, incorporated with an 8m-tall spine wall inside the 470-square-metre home.

He aimed to have to also have accessible parking an an annex for a carer.

He said that he wanted to make the garden as wild-life friendly for his wife to enjoy.

At the end of the episode, host Kevin got to have a look around at the amazing property.

Helen explained that her health is "very good" and since moving in, she had started walking again.

John said: "Helen has made really great progress and is now walking and mobile in a way that I don't think we ever envisaged as we were planning the building."

Kevin asked: "Tell me, money, did you hit anywhere near what you expected?"

John replied: "I would think we have run over by about £500,00. Originally we were on, I think it was £1.3m."

Kevin said: "So you're up to £1.8m."

John described it all as "worth it" because they've produced something they are so proud of.

Fans watching at home were left feeling very emotional about the end result.

One said: "Not me crying for the 100th time today. Nothing but love for John and Helen #granddesigns."

A second added: "This is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen #granddesigns."

"In bits watching Helen walk #granddesigns," a third tweeted.

A fourth chimed in: "Beautiful house wish John & Helen many happy yrs enjoying it....."