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Greece Travel Guide: Everything you need to know before you go

GReese is the mellow and hip brother of the Mediterranean family. The rocky islands covered with the characteristic clusters of Sugar Cube House are like travel advertisements around the world, but the country has more color and contrast than pinups (usually the Kiclades Islands).

From the hot, dusty hills and crumbling temples of Athens, to the graffiti streets of dirty hips and the amazing bar scene where you'll forget about marketing photos, Milos and Stain, you're 20 I went to Greece in the summer and barely scratched the surface of the beautiful landscape.

But wherever you go, you'll find proud hospitality, rustic home cooking, and evenly nice coves. Honeymoon couples, solo backpackers, young families and more come to summer.

Current travel restrictions and immigration requirements

On April 29, 2022, Greece withdrew all remaining Covid requirements. Travelers can enter the country without inspection or quarantine, regardless of vaccination status. The requirement to wear a face mask in many indoor environments was also abolished on June 1st, and masks are now only needed in public transportation and hospitals.

The minister has stated that the suspension of use of vaccination passports (showing evidence of vaccination to enter some indoor venues) will initially last during the summer, and the government said it was the last. Before the review, we are monitoring how Covid's case progresses in August.

The best time to go

Many Greek lovers, especially families, gather on the coast and islands during peak summer weeks, but the country is warm. , Refreshing and less crowded during the shoulder season: May-early June, September-October.

Early spring March and April can still be up and down or light rain, so if you need the sun, you should play safely on your May trip. Some accommodations on holiday islands like Santorini are only open from spring to autumn anyway.

Athens gets hot during the summer. Therefore, it is most often seen in early spring or late autumn, when you can comfortably hike through the slightly cool and sunny hills.

In the last decade of climate change, Greece, like many countries, experienced a historic heat wave in the summer of 2021 with wildfires at temperatures up to 47 ° C. If you go from July to August, you need to make sure that you are adjacent to the pool or the sea.

Top Regions and Cities

Groups of all islands in Greece's vast ocean are worth your time, but most popular with vacationers There are Ionians, Kiclades and Dodecandes. What's more, the mainland coast is beautiful and there are small islands far closer to the mainland.

Cyclade: Includes Santorini and Mikonos

Sugar Cube Buildings, quaint windmills, and stunning cliff clusters require a Cyclade – Santorini Is one of the most expensive places, but definitely worth the hype if you like your luxury. However,Syros, the "Cinderella of Kiclades", is also spending a moment now.

Ionians:On steep cliffs including Corfuand Kefalonia


Dodecans:Rhodesand Kos

Byzantine and medieval treasures, as well as family-friendly beach hotels, Dodecans have history Buff and family are hit with.


Athensis a must-see city break. It really comes with an ancient bucketlist spectacle, lots of archaeological and mythical nerds for classic fans, and fun and affordable bar and restaurant scenes. There are also stylish and affordable boutique hotels. Many are on petite rooftops with views of the majestic Acropolis hills.

Crete Island

Crete Island is a mix of natural beauty, historic sites (home of Knossos, the "palace of Minotaurus"), and an outstanding food scene. It is becoming more and more popular. In countries where there are clearly similar menus across the board.

It is true that every big island in Greece has a party town. However, due to its large size, each nightlife strip has dozens of beautiful and quiet bays with discreet accommodation. This means that you need to do a little geographic research before you go to make sure the mood suits you.

Best destination under the radar

Lefkada and Zakintos

Kefaronia may have seducedCaptain Corelli's MandolinAfter decades of rustic beauty,Lefkadaand Zakynthos have some of the most dazzling pristine beaches in the country. There is. A one-way ferry from just £ 8 makes it easy to explore the islands between Ionians from spring to autumn. The small island Itaka, a ferry from Kefalonia connected to the flight, is a tranquil beauty with a pristine natural belt and a lively little harbor for night outs.


Peroponeses are one of Greece's best-preserved secrets: low-rise red-roofed towns, golden sands, and far away. There is a remote monastery. The destination spa to explore. Drive along the coast from Karamata Airport to explore a tiny village full of bougainvillea and charming family-run taverns.


The Salonics Islands are small cluster islands not far from Athens and Peroponese, hosting retreats for pleasure-oriented and secluded trucks. Has a history. For writers and artists. Leonard Cohen, writer Henry Miller, and artist Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas were just three of the celebrities hiding in Hydra early in the tour. With no cars to date, this magical island is perfect for hiking and swimming in rocky coves. Returning to the harbor, in a compact but attractive dining scene. Neighbor Spetses is a popular shooting location, but Poros offers quiet, calm and affordable food and accommodation.

What to do

Eat, drink and be cheerful

Mostly in the summer, I go there to relax, swim and dine, whether it's a fashionable and rose-proclaimed beach club in Mikonos or a quiet cove in Paxos or Scoperos. And it's not shameful to do that. Most harbors and villages have only a handful of taverns and bars, so you can move around big islands (such as Crete and Corfu) or jump on a few smaller islands to keep things alive. I can do it.


Besides living a good life and stocking up Mediterranean food rich in olive oil, this is a sailor's country. Great for riding the wavesWhether it's a coastal cave or a small island, boat tours are offered in all major beach towns, making it easy to arrange a day or afternoon out for tens of euros. You can (often beach picnics and / or ouzo slugs).

Ancient Wonders

Greek ancient wonders can also be a honeypot for day trips. For example, you can see ancient statues in Olympia in West Peroponesos. Heroes learn about the original game and run race tracks centuries ago. Be sure to visit Nossos on Crete. Head to some castles and palace in Mycenae or Rhodes in Peloponnese. Or visit the ancient stadium of Delphi, two and a half hours north of Athens. Many of Greece's tranquil islands are popular with hikers for their uninterrupted natural splendor. Go in the spring and see wild flowers on a hilly expedition to a small church or a quiet bay.


Unfortunately, this lovely holiday spot has poor rail connections, but at most great stops, you can take a plane or ferry anyway. is needed. Many fly to Athens and then take a domestic flight or ferry to one of the islands. The latter is reasonably priced, but some routes move to the 4 or 6 hour area. On the mainland, for example, if you're going to Peroponese while stopping in Athens, it's a good idea to hire a car.

Unless you're working on Athens, it's usually best to fly directly to one of the big islands before boarding the ferry. However, the ferry operates only from spring to autumn (from late March to early October, depending on the route). If you have the time, you can take a local bus from the main town to the main towns on the big islands such as Corfu, Crete and Kefalonia, but you need to look carefully at the timetable (always displayed). Not always). The laid-back attitude towards services and schedules in this sunbathing country gave its lifestyle the GMT nickname. It's "Greek Maybe Time". On a holiday island like Mykonos, you are at the mercy of a handful of taxi drivers.



Flights to Athens are often the cheapest, then cheapest Large holiday islands served by airlines (Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Kos, Mikonos, etc.). From these points, you can carry the ferry to small spots.


As a holiday aisle in the northwest, Corfu can reach slightly faster than Athens (Athenes has a flight time of about 3 hours 10 minutes to 3 hours). 40 minutes). And don't discount Preveza, a 3 hour 20 wonder with access to both the mainland and the island.

The most sustainable

It is possible to travel entirely by train and boat from the UK to Greece. Your train journey, starting with Eurostar, roughly goes to Paris, Milan and Bali. Then take a 16-hour ferry from Bali to Patras, where Peroponese joins the mainland.

Tips for saving money

There are some dreamy luxury hotels, but Greece excels at self-catering, no-frills apartments. .. If you're traveling with shoelaces, you can self-cook in a pristine white tiled room (some with a front desk and swimming pool) for just £ 40 per night. Many have the best views of the bay, and the mini-mart carrying yogurt and peaches for breakfast is just wandering around.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the weather?

Almost the same as other meds – by April and May, the daily highs will be low Celsius in their twenties, perfect for a lively spring break. Summer is definitely sunny and temperatures rise in the 30s, but nice sunny days continue from the mid-20s to October. Some islands, especially the Aegean islands, have a lively "Mertemi" wind in July and August. Being a vast country, it is worth checking out individual weather patterns. The southern and eastern islands can stay warmer than the northern islands.

In what time zone are you in?

East European time (EET), which is GMT + 2.

Which currency do you need?


Which language is spoken?

Although it is Greek, English is widely spoken as a country that loves tourism.