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Shooting at Highland Park-Live: Robert Climo could face life imprisonment without parole, as murder was revealed

After hearing the gunshots at the July 4 parade in Illinois, bystanders run

Independence DayA parade in Highland Park, Illinois, a parade of mass shootings, has threatened to "kill everyone" at home three years before the deadly attack, officials said.

Lake County Sheriff Christopher Koveli was called to Robert E. Climo's house in September 2019 at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon to confiscate some knives. He said he did not arrest the suspect.

Mr. Kurimo expanded the emergency stairs and fired more than 70 rounds at the parade crowd on July 4 from the roof of the business, killing five people on the scene, injuring two and dozens. There is a suspicion that a person has been injured.

He was arrested about eight hours after an intensive man hunt.

Photo of Robert Climo dressed as a woman to escape the realm of mass shooting


Mr. Coveri previously said the suspect was "planning a few weeks of attack" and disguised himself in women's clothing so that he could slip under the radar as he fled the scene. Stated.

The gun used for the shooting was a powerful "AR-15-like" rifle, as legal as the second rifle found in Klimo's car when arrested on Monday. did. I bought it.

Six of the seven victims have been named: Catherine Goldstein, 64, Irina McCarthy, 35, Kevin McCarthy, 37, Jacklin Sandheim , 63, Stephen Strauss, 88, Nicholas Toledo-Zaragoza, 78.


Robert Climo Was beaten for seven murders

Robert Climo III, a person interested in shooting at Highland Park, was beaten for seven single murders.

If convicted, he will face life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Lake County lawyer Eric Reinhardt, who announced the indictment, also called for a ban on assault weapons and further education on Illinois' existing danger signal law.

"We must do everything we can to prevent the horrors that reverberate in these buildings and characterize these streets from happening again," he said. Said.


Robert Climo's arrest causes anger at police dual standards

Robert was nominated as a person of interest for shooting by at the July 4 parade in Highland Park, Illinois. Video of Kurimo's arrest is angry at claimingracism by police atCaused

Arrest of Mr. Krimo Jayland Walker police at Akron last week Treatment , Standing without firing.

Abe Usherhas more details.

Immediately after police shot Jayland Walker at Akron at least 60 times, Kurimo remained alive. Arrested


Authorities will soon announce charges against Robert Klimo

Illinois officials temporarily announce charges against Robert Klimo, a person interested in shooting a parade on July 4 at Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago that claimed seven lives.


The parents of a two-year-old boy died in a mass shooting at Highland Park. rice field. 130}

The boy's parents, who got lost in the turmoil of the July 4th shootings at Highland Park, tragically Named among the dead.

Highland Park couple Irina and Kevin McCarthy were identified as one of seven people who died in a deadly attack on Monday by authorities on Tuesday.

The two-year-old son was seen shortly after the shooting squeezed the blanket, but his feet and shoes appeared to be covered with dry blood. Since then, he has reunited with his grandparents.

Rachel Sharphas a story.

On July 4, a horrified child was alone in a shooting at Highland Park, Illinois. Discovered and Bloody


Some NBC journalists The online community states that it is "a terror cell with a much larger goal in effect"

Senior Correspondent of NBC News covering information leaks, extremism and the Internet at American outlets Ben Collins says that traditional media needs to do a better job covering the far-right online community. Robert Klimo, who was interested in the shootings at Highland Park, was a member.

"The community in which Kurimo participated online is far more accelerative than what has been talked about in traditional political media and needs to be changed. Journalists are, in effect, a terrorist with a much larger goal, re-sharing an article stating that Klimo wrote about being a Trump fan, "but people blame only the former US president. I didn't want that.

"We have to start a bigger conversation about this, doomerism, black pile, and how online radical cults interact with everyday politics. No, they don't exist in the political binaries we're used to. The Internet has divided culture into one million pieces. "


Everything we know about the shootings at the July 4 parade in Illinois

New details continue to be revealed about the highland park independence day gunfire incident.

This is all we know about shootings that killed seven people and injured dozens more.

A horrifying parade participant escapes after a powerful rifle fires ammunition at the crowd. , 7 people were killed and dozens were injured


Highland Park's shootings and motives we can never deal with

"Parliament can't ban Internet subcultures, and law enforcement agencies are even the most estranged and disturbed young men's speeches. Can't be cracked down, "Andrew Feinberg wrote.  

"And that's just the beginning of the problem."

Congress can't ban Internet subcultures, nor can law enforcement crack down on the speeches of the most marginalized people, disturbing young men. And that's just the beginning of the problem


Robert Klimo "kills everyone" Three years before the shooting, he took a "knife collection" at home

Suspected of killing seven people in a July 4 mass shooting at Highland Park. A 21-year-old man, Robert Klimo, had a "collection of knives" in his house three years before he was allegedly involved in a mass shooting that threatened to "kill."

Police said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon that law enforcement agencies were called home in two cases in 2019.

Second time – September 2019 – Police vow that Mr. Kurimo "kills" people in the house and he has a "collection of knives" I was called by a report from my family that I was there.

Rachel Sharphas a complete story.

A 21-year-old suspected of killing seven people in a mass shooting on July 4th. At Robert Klimo Highland Park, a man, he threatened to "kill everyone" in his "Knife Collection" at home three years before he was shot.


What we know about the alleged parade shooting at Highland Park All

More details are revealed about the violence, death, and attachment to number 47 of Robert E. Climo, a suspected shooter. Details can be found in


The arrested 21-year-old boy has traces of violent images in the footsteps of social media.


Victims of the shooting at Highland Park: What we know so far

A loving grandfather, a devoted mother, and a member of a local social media were fatally injured in a shooting on Independence Day at Highland Park. One of the seven victims.

First about the victims killed in the July 4 massacre at Highland Park Details have begun to be revealed