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Shooting at Highland Park-Live: Police-nominated victims say Robert Klimo threatened to kill his family

Bystanders run after hearing the shootings at the July 4 parade in Illinois

Independence DayMass shootingsparade in Highland Park, Illinois,threatened to "kill everyone" at home three years before the deadly attack, officials said did.

Lake County Sheriff Christopher Koveli was called to Robert E. Climo's house in September 2019 at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon to confiscate some knives. He said he did not arrest the suspect.

Mr. Kurimo expanded the emergency stairs and fired more than 70 rounds at the parade crowd on July 4 from the roof of the business, killing five people on the scene, injuring two and dozens. There is a suspicion that a person has been injured.

He was arrested about eight hours after an intensive man hunt.

Photo of Robert Climo dressed as a woman to escape the realm of mass shooting


Mr. Coveri previously said the suspect was "planning a few weeks of attack" and disguised himself in women's clothing so that he could slip under the radar as he fled the scene. Stated.

The gun used for the shooting was a powerful "AR-15-like" rifle, as legal as the second rifle found in Klimo's car when arrested on Monday. did. I bought it.

Six of the seven victims have been named: Catherine Goldstein, 64, Irena McCarthy, 35, Kevin McCarthy, 37, Jacklin Sandheim , 63, Stephen Strauss, 88, Nicholas Toledo-Zaragoza, 78.


Robert Climo threatened to "kill everyone" at home in the "Knife Collection" three years before the shootings

Robert Climo killed seven people on July 4th. A suspected 21-year-old man at Highland Park threatened to "kill everyone" at home with a "knife collection" three years before he fired.

Police said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon that law enforcement agencies were called home in two cases in 2019.

Second time – September 2019 – Police vow that Mr. Kurimo "kills" people in the house and he has a "collection of knives" I was called by a report from my family that I was there.

Rachel Sharphas a complete story.

A 21-year-old suspected of killing seven people in a mass shooting on July 4th. At Robert Klimo Highland Park, a man, he threatened to "kill everyone" in his "knife collection" at home three years before he was shot.


What we know about the alleged parade shooting at Highland Park All

reveal more details about the violence, death, and obsession with number 47 of Robert E. Climo, a suspected shooter. Details can be found in


The arrested 21-year-old boy has traces of violent images in the footsteps of social media.


Victims of the shooting at Highland Park: What we know so far

A loving grandfather, a devoted mother, and members of a local social media were fatally injured in a shooting on Independence Day at Highland Park. One of the seven victims.

First about the victims killed in the July 4th slaughter at Highland Park


Robert Klimo is in 2019 In the year he threatened to "kill everyone" at home

Robert Klimo threatened to "kill everyone" at home in the "Knife Collection" three years before the shooting. Officials said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Chris Coveli, Deputy Director of the Lake County Sheriff's Office, has revealed that law enforcement agencies have encountered Mr. Krimo twice before.

In April 2019, police were informed that he had attempted suicide. They talked to his parents and Mr. Kurimo, and the problem was dealt with by mental health services.

Then, in September 2019, a family member contacted authorities and stated that Mr. Kurimo was threatening to "kill everyone."

"Police responded and took the knife out of the house," Covelli said.


The names of 6 of the 7 victims have been revealed

The names of six of the seven victims of the Highland Park Independence Day parade were announced at a press conference this afternoon.

Lake County Coroner Jennifer Parker is Catherine Goldstein, 64, Irena McCarthy, 35, Kevin McCarthy, 37, Jacklin Sandheim, 63, Stephen Strauss, 88, Nicholas Toledo Said it was Zaragoza, 78.


The victims of the shootings at Highland Park were grazed with ammunition. Share a horrifying photo of her face as she was

A young parade participant who barely survived after being grabbed by a mass shooting at Highland Park on July 4th. Gun Control

"I can't believe I'm in the middle of a mass shooting" A woman known only as Lili , Written on Twitter under a photo of her bloody face.

'What did you feel safe in this parade for 18 years and what was the bullet hit in America today? No change, this is ridiculous. "


Shooting at Highland Park The suspect has a strange obsession with number 47

The 21-year-old parade, suspected of firing at Highland Park on July 4, appears to be obsessed with number 47.

Mr. Kurimo left a large digital footprint, and ambitious rappers who played under Alter Ego Awake frequently referred to number 47.

He also had a number There was a tattoo on the side of his face, which was also drawn on the door of a car parked outside his parents' house ..

The suspect frequently refers to the number 47

. Left a digital footprint

ICYMI: The mayor she was Robert Cub Scout leader

Mayor Highland Park Nancy Rotelling was arrested in a shooting on July 4, killing six people and injuring dozens of 22-year-olds. He revealed that he had once served as the Cub Scout Leader for an interested person, Robert Climo.

Talking to Hodakot, the host of the NBCToday Show, on Tuesday morning, Ms. Rotering said that Mr. Klimo was before the Independence Day shooting. She explained that she couldn't say if it was known to the authorities, but she knew him personally a few years ago when she was working as a Cub Scout leader in the area.

"When I was the leader of Cub Scout, I know him as someone who was Cub Scout," Ms. Rotering said. "And that's one of the things you take a step back and say,'What happened?' I didn't want to take it up to the innocent people who were literally spending family days, why someone was so angry.

When Mr. Kurimo was pressured by the host to see if he had any special memories from an early age, the mayor kept her reaction sluggish and concise. boy. Continue reading the complete report from

belowJohanna Chisholm:

'This is one step back and say, "What happened?"Mayor Nancy Rotering


MTG pushes for mass shooting claims Share images of the suspect's Photoshop

Marjorie Taylor Greene has doubled a series of unfounded claims about mass shootings, so she decided to spread Photoshop photos. Admitted at the July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

Georgia representatives made strange claims hours after the shooting on Monday.  or side effects of commonly used antidepressants.

Andrew Feinberghas a story.

Suggests that Robert Climo III, suspected of being a mass shooting, was a psychotic or substance abuser. No evidence available


July 4th shooting at Highland Park Mass shootings increased to 7 people

Mass shootings at the July 4 parade at Highland Park The death toll has now risen to seven, and one of the injured victims was injured a day later. attack.

Read the full text of Rachel Sharp'shere.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Christopher Koveli of the Lake County Sheriff's Office will be in The New York Times on Tuesday afternoon. I confirmed the following. Seventh victim died