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"His reign is over": Foreign media reaction when Boris Johnson is hit by resignation


Boris Johnsonis fighting to defend his position as prime minister after the resignation of several ministers, foreignmediais the British prime minister. I'm trying to evaluate how long it will be. power.

Some commentators are convinced that the latest event is Johnson's leadership coffin nail. However, some are wary of miraculously overcoming multiple scandals and predicting the fall of leaders who have resolutely persisted asPrime Minister.

"Boris Johnson's reign is bohemian" wasRob Harris's evaluation at Sydney Morning Herald.

In a bitter criticism, a paper European correspondent said Johnson's authority had "evaporated." In the face of Chris Pincher's allegations, he wrote that Johnson decided to "hide and hide to avoid facing the situation."

'Is this the straw that breaks the camel's back? 'French newspaper Le Monde

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"All Johnson's failures were basically the same crime," he said. I continued. "I completely ignore the ethics that accompany his office." During his tenure of the year, he is at greater political crisis than at any other time. " On Downing Street. "

They wrote that Mr Johnson's "political invincibility was shattered."

Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak each issued a letter of resignation within 9 minutes


However, the Washington Postasked for an intro that was almost resentful at the story that Mr Johnson had lost two prime ministers.

"British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who seems to have apologized for half of the Prime Minister, is once again in the hot water. Big Time," writes Karla Adam and William Booth.

They explained: "Some critics say it's the curtain of this prime minister, but his death has been predicted many times. "

" So far, Boris Johnson seemed to be able to withstand all the scandals. The latest – a lie about the improper behavior of a conservative MP – is a camel's. Will it be a straw that breaks my back? "I asked the French newspaperLemond.

New Prime Minister Nadhim Zahawi

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Italian PaperLaStampa "We are facing the most serious crisis since we won the 2019 general election," wrote Johnson. In addition, "Today is expected to be a fire day. First is the usual" question time "in the House of Representatives, then before the Liaison Committee.

The Spanish dissertationElPais was kind to Nadhim Zahawi and described the new Prime Minister as "a very prestigious politician."

"With Zahawi by his side, he can survive at least until the end of the summer," they said.