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Home and Away's Sam Frost signed with his boyfriend Jordie Hansen after a five-month date.

Sam Frost announced his engagement with his boyfriend Jordi Hansen after a whirlwind romance.

Home and AwayActress, 33, reveals that she and Jordi will marry after a five-month date in the first episode of the new podcast. Did.

Jordie, 26, asked questions to theher bachelor's degreeAustralian winner during an expedition to South Australia in May this year.

Newly engaged people celebrate their happy news on a 14-day expedition and share their joy with podcast listeners.

"Jordie Hansen and Sam Frost have released some very exciting news, which allows them to go on a road trip with their dog" Dingo "and celebrate," said Jordie and Sam. The synopsis of the debut of the Rural Roadtrip podcast states: ..

Jordie Hansen After asking when he wanted to get married, he asked Sam Frost a question (


At the beginning of the

episode, Sam, who will be the bride, said: ""

Jordi goes on to say how he asked her actress to become her wife: Sambo had just been delivered coffee, so I said, "Hey, when do you agree with getting married?"

Happy couple is Sam's younger brother(



Sam stopped saying "quite always" with excitement.

Jordi considers her fiancée's current answer "yes" and continues to explain how to propose that afternoon.

Recalling how he rushed Sam to arrive at Coober Pedy in time for the sunset setting for a suggestion, Australian survivor: Brad V Waterstar says: " [We got there] I installed the camera in what I thought I would be in the perfect position and Sambo came in and said, "I know exactly what you are trying to do here. "said.

The home and away actress was stunned by the proposal(



Sam admits that she "doesn't know" and that her beauty was planning to ask a question.

"I was so nervous that I don't remember much," Thorpestar recalls in a new podcast. "I didn't cry, I was just trying to talk." Baby, we love jokes, but this isn't one of the jokes. It's very serious. "

Engagement The couple's announcement will be made after Sam returns to Melbourne to live with Jordi, returning to the officialInstagramin April. 93}

Sam found a happy ending with Jordi (


} Instagram)

The actress met her future husband through her younger brother Alex Frost, who also appeared in the Australian Survivor, but at the time she was "satisfied" with the move. Said that.

"We have taken the next step, which is great," Sam toldHerald Sun.

"I'm very happy. It's great to be able to travel again."

Sam became famous thanks to her stint on the reality show "The Batchelor." I did. After Blake Garvey chose her as her winner, she abandoned her to Louise Pilridge.

She received her bachelor's degree the following year for Single Sam, and she chose Sasha Mierzarek as a lucky suitor.

The pair actually dated for 18 months after the end of the series, before going another way.

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