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How Sir Keir Starmer handles the pro-Palestinian rebellion will say much about what kind of PM he might prove to be



Flip-flopping will be viewed as weakness

Keir’s big test

SIR Keir Starmer is now facing a major test of his authority and his credibility.

The Labour leader has deserved credit for driving the hard-left anti-Israel lobby from the powerful position they occupied under Jeremy Corbyn.

But having rightly supported Rishi Sunak in standing with Israel, Starmer is now facing a revolt.

His failure to discipline MP Apsana Begum for posing with a pro-Palestine group at Labour’s party conference just a day after the Hamas attacks has emboldened hard-line MPs and Muslim Labour councillors to go further.

Yesterday rumours swirled that two Shadow Cabinet members could quit unless he called for an Israeli ceasefire.

But if Starmer is to be taken seriously as our next PM he must stand firm.

Flip-flopping on whether Israel has the right to defend itself will be viewed both at home and abroad as weakness.

How he handles this pro-Palestinian rebellion will say much about what kind of PM Starmer might prove to be.

Bizarre BBC

ONE brief exchange between Rachel Riley and Kirsty Wark on Newsnight captured everything that is so wrong about the BBC’s bizarre stance on Hamas.

As the Jewish Countdown presenter tried to describe videos of unspeakable atrocities committed by the terrorists, Wark jumped down her throat insisting the footage hadn’t been “verified.”

This is despite the IDF screening it to independent international journalists.

What is it about Israel — and the Jews that live there — that inspires such one-eyed bias among some BBC staff?

Apparently some have been crying at their desks at the distressing scenes unfolding in Gaza.

How this helps the Palestinians is anyone’s guess.

Director-general Tim Davie told MPs last night that it “hurt” whenever the BBC was accused of being unpatriotic.

It’s clear he’s got a lot of pain coming.

Eco stroppies

THE folly of judges giving Just Stop Oil loons a slap on the wrist was writ large in bright orange in central London yesterday.

Wellington Arch was senselessly daubed in paint by the Carbonystas just hours after a gang of Lord’s cricket pitch invaders avoided jail.

More pathetic time-wasting action is planned by the eco mob for next week.

They won’t stop until our judiciary actually starts locking them up.

Eco poppies

THERE is one sure way to help the planet, though — by buying a plastic-free poppy.

It’s a tremendous idea from the Royal British Legion for this year’s campaign.

We salute them for it.