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How to get dozens of free TV channels on your iPhone

Did you know you can watch TV on your iPhone for free?

Freeview, a free-to-air digital TV service, has an iOS app that lets you watch live and on-demand telly on mobile.

This app was released in 2019 and combines BBC, ITV and Channel 4 catch-up and live TV services.

It does this by offering all the channels of an average TV. Alongside shows from catch-up services such as iPlayer and My5.

With the Freeview tuner found on most TVs, you can access over 100 channels by simply plugging in the antenna.

This content is available live and on-demand from these channels and can be viewed in one place via the Freeview app.

The software also provides a streamlined way to find what you want to see.

There is a traditional program guide that shows all channels and programs that are currently airing.

But the home screen also offers a choice of 'Watch Now' and 'Watch Later' shows from the UK's biggest stations.

You can also use the standard Bog search bar and filters to narrow down what you're looking for.

You can try the app for free by visiting the Apple App Storepage.

That's not all...

If you're not satisfied with the Freeview app, you can always try Amazon's free streaming app.

Freevee, formerly known as IMDb TV, offers a collection of hundreds of TV shows and movies on demand.

This streaming platform works similarly to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+.

However, the app differs from these behemoths in that you don't have to pay a subscription fee to use the service.

Instead, Freevee is ad-supported. Like YouTube, it costs nothing to use, but you have to watch an ad or two.

In addition to on-demand content, FreeVee boasts over 60 "fast channels" that stream live episodes of several shows.

This part of the app works like a traditional TV broadcast channel and is dedicated to popular series.

Advertisements pop up in a similar fashion to terrestrial broadcasts and are played at regular intervals throughout. The

platform has a decent selection of classic series featuring Babylon 5, A-Team, Baywatch and Magnum P.I.

Amazon is also funding original content such as Bosch spin-offs, Bosch: Legacy, and Plan B High School.

Amazon plans to increase its original product lineup by 70% this year.

In the US, you can watch his Freevee on a dedicated app available for mobiles, smart TVs and consoles.

Also available in the Prime Video app section for smart TVs.

In the UK, Freevee is only available on the Prime Video app on mobile, TV and consoles.

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