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How to find "rare" £ 10 notes and serial numbers that may be worth hundreds

A 10-pound plastic note released just a few years ago can be worth thousands of pounds. Here's how to determine if your tenant is one of the few. 

One of the 10 notes is that the seller has the serial number AH17 75-Jane Austin Year of birth. 

What is a rare and valuable £ 10 note?

It is important to pay attention to more valuable tenants, as collectors only exist after certain notes. 

If you find a £ 10 note with an AA serial number, you may have a chance to make a fortune. A £ 5 note with these numbers could also be worth it. 

Interestingly, the 10-pound note is slightly larger, so there are 54 notes per print sheet compared to 60 for the 5-pound note. This means that there are millions of potentially AA combinations that can occur.

How can you tell if your renter can make you thousands?

In 2017, when the Bank of England released a £ 10 note featuring Jane Austin,ChangerChecker.comIs a prediction of the note that everyone is paying attention to. 

The serial number of each note is important. These numbers are in the upper left corner of the face with the image of the Queen. 

This is just below the £ 10 value in the corner of the note. According to, the serial numbers that you should be aware of forare: 

  • Serial numbers 16121775 and 18071817 represent the author's date of birth and date of death.
  • Serial number of her birth and death 1775817
  • The date when her most famous novel, Pride and Prejudice, was first published 280111813.

Other serial numbers may be popular with collectors. You will be asked for 

James Bond 007 and AK47 notes, as well as consecutive numbered notes (such as AA12345). 

Some collectors give up large amounts of cash for correct notes. 

Which notes never circulate?

Every time the Bank of England issues a new memo, we donate important low serial numbers to those involved in its development. 

When the £ 5 note was released, the Churchill War Room had a note with serial number AA01001945, the year the end of World War II{ I received 82}. ..

And the Queen was given a note of the first serial number of this kind, AA0100001. 

How can I make money from rare notes?

If you find a rare note, you can earn thousands of pounds. The £ 5 note with the lowest publicly available serial number--AA01000017-was sold for £ 4,150 at an auction last October..

Since then, some plastic fibers have been sold on eBay for thousands of pounds.

£ 5 £ 10 £ 20 A rare collector set of Polymer Banknotes is currently available onEbay for £ 54,321.00increase. 112}-But not everyone will let go of that kind of cash. 

There were 16 watchers on the Ebay list at the time of writing. 

Sellers are careful, but eBay does not have the power to make buyers pay, so bidders are often unable to pay.