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Experts warn that humans are making big mistakes that can prevent us from hearing aliens.

Humans are reported to have damaged one of the best resources for detecting the life of intelligent aliens.

Excessive use of radio waves can interfere with researchers' ability to hear aliens sending transmissions in our way, the report claims.

SETI is an acronym for "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence."

One of the most effective ways to scan for signs of life coming from deep space is to monitor radio waves.

"Optical messaging has a fundamental advantage over wireless in that it, in principle, has much more bits per second, usually 500,000 times higher," SETI said. Researchers have officially written the statement.

However, the high demand for the globalized Internet is hampering research.

"The earth is becoming more and more polluted," said Danwartimer, a researcher at SETI.

"In some radio bands, the bandwidth of TV transmitters, Wi-Fi, and mobile phones is so high that it is already impossible to perform SETI."

Engineers are having a hard time cutting noise, andNBC New Yorkreports that auditory clutter distorts the data.

Werthimer and his colleagues have created atreatisedetailing the inaccurate SETI hits that caused the media frenzy. False positives were caused by interference.

Wireless technology can endanger one of our most efficient space surveillance tools.

The spread of wireless technology will not slow down-2016 UN General Assemblystates that Internet access is a human right and private space companies are working to access the Internet from. Declared. 33} Satellite.

SETI Engineers' witty techniques have led to the development ofmachine learningtechniques that limit the effects of interference.

"It's really annoying to add hundreds of satellites that all produce the same interference, but we can develop a system to eliminate it," said Bruce Betts, chief scientist at the Planetary Society. 40} told NBC News. ..

SETI's research is not as controversial as the messaging of extraterrestrial intelligent life (METI).

Someexperts argue that it is unwise to disclose the location of the Earth to potentially hostile alien listeners.