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I got fillers 4 years ago and it's still failing.People need to know the dangers- it can make you look a lot older too

A beauty enthusiast with a scar on her lip made people think twice about getting fillers.

In the last few years, one cosmetic procedure of hers, face fillers, seems to be more popular than any other.

Facial rejuvenation, once reserved for middle-aged beauty enthusiasts, has become so popular that people in their 20s are no longer uncommon.

But of course,like all thingshair and beautythere are risks associated with injecting fillers into your face, whether it's your lips or your chin. Prove that.

Unfortunately, her lifestyle blogger Teni Panosian knows this all too well.

This woman in her thirties was desperate for the perfect pout so she decided to get her lip fillers but now her smile is collapsing.

Since then, she has used her social her media her platform to raise her awareness of her potential dangers and It has encouraged fellow beauty enthusiasts to think twice.

"I like to talk about fillers because more and more people are noticing and realizing long-term effects, rather than focusing on immediate results."


She went on to explain:

"It migrates and creates unwanted nodules..."

Teni shows off her lips, even though she had her lips trimmed four years ago. There is still movement and an unnatural expression on the upper lip.

"If you like filler, swear by it, it's totally your decision.

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Talk more about this so people really understand what they're doing.

''It's pretty hard not to notice filler failures or overdoings.

''And you have no idea what the person is going through inside. Maybe you totally regret it and don't know how to fix it.

"I wanted to tighten my jawline more.

''But is it worth the risk of it migrating?

"In my opinion , fillers are not intended to give you a completely different face shape, cheeks, etc.

"As far as I know, they were created to compensate for age-related volume loss." 49}

"I mean, when women in their 20s and 30s take all this filler, they think they're anti-aging, but I'm sorry, but in my opinion it makes them look more mature.

She shared one last piece of advice:

"But before you do these things, take your time and do your research."