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I lent £ 200,000 to my street sweeper companion to pay for his divorce, and now he doesn't repay it – he betrayed my trust

Multimillionaire, who lent £ 200,000 to a street sweeper, dragged her ex-friend into court to force cashback.

John Rankin Cornforce inherited his fortune when his "rich" father died, giving Simon Denil hundreds of thousands of pounds between 2012 and 2014. personally delivered. First meeting at the 1979 New Year's Eve party.

When Mr. Cornforce and Mr. Denil, who have a £ 1.5 million home and £ 600,000 worth of New Zealand assets in the Guildford area of ​​Sally, broke up with his wife. Gave cash to.

Then he gave him £ 125,000 to repay the mortgage in his apartment.

However, 62-year-old Cornforce is now suing Denil in full and interest.

Denil, who works as a street cleaner for the Guildford Autonomous Region Council, claims that the money was a "gift."

Mayor and CityCourthears that both men came from a wealthy family background.

Mr. Cornforce's father was particularly wealthy. The court heard that he was described as the "rich" who had supported his son "generously throughout his life."

By 2012, Mr. Cornforce had inherited "millions" of cash and stock, but Mr. Denil's financial luck was exhausted and he was "very tough, completely unpleasant." It is said that he was in the midst of a divorce.

The court heard that Mr. Cornforce handed his friend £ 26,300, a settlement of £ 50,000 and a Sallyflat an additional £ 125,000 to cover the legal costs of the split.

However, Mr. Denil admits that the divorce cash was a loan and had to be repaid, but he claims that the mortgage payment was a "gift."

This is being argued by Mr. Cornforce, who wants to get his money back. He also wants interest 1% above the Bank of England's base rate for the past decade.

He told Judge Stephen Hermann that £ 200,000 was "not huge" for him, but he claimed to "trust" his friends to repay it. ..

His old friend varistor Chris Howitt said: "For street cleaner Denil, that's a huge amount of money."

Howitt said, "He was in a dire financial situation.

" He was your friend. So this was a gift, "he added. Lawyers claim that "there is no written record" and "no written evidence" to prove that the money was a loan. I will return the money.

The hearing will continue.