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I am a beauty professional. There is a 50p trick to make your tan "last". This is very deceptive, but it works every time.

Summer is here and the British are ready to party off season, making sure the sun is shining.

Especially after spending a lot of time and effort on self-tanning.

AndTanologistbeauty experts have revealed a quick and cheap hack to make the tan as prominent as possible. 

First, mention that they havethroat frecklesfor a realistic tan. 

There are many options for modern tanning, which you can choose based on how you want your tanning to be applied and how long you want it to last. 

Gradually tan, the color will increase in a few days, giving off a natural and delicatehydrated glow.

On the other hand, the drops can be mixed with a moisturizer or sunbathing to complete them in just a few hours.

If you want that natural look, use fake buckwheat to enhance your freshly-painted self-tan. When our skin tans in the sun, freckles come out. 

Therefore, applying fake buckwheat next to a tan will give you the ultimate natural tan that will be complimented for days. 

Furthermore, it is good for the skin. The actual buckwheat may be a sign of damage from sunlight.

Next, professionals recommend pop colors as opposed to tanning.

We are all obsessed with the perfect instalook featuring a shiny tanned base with bold eyebrows and bare lips. 

And while it's our dependable inspo, it's not the only look that can enhance your tan.

A subtle color wash of eye shadows.It costs only 50p from Super Drug. Theand eyeliner can give a distinctive and totally special look to bronze skin. 

'Pop-colored coral lips'

Blue is tanned thanks to its association with beach vacations, clear seawater and a bright, cloudless sky. Known for complementing. 

Swipe over your eyes with a neon or pastel aquamarine liner and swipe underneath to add more vibrancy.

This understated color pop not only emphasizes thetan, but also catches the eye and attracts all the attention. That is the ultimate goal.

Third, they recommend pop-colored coral lips.

It's hard to pull us away from Mocha's lip liner, dim lippy, and semi-nude luster, but due to its striking look, coral lips look great with a bronze glow.

This is another color associated with busy beach days and trips to your favorite exotic vacations.

Coral lips scream in the summer – especially alongside theshining tan, they are a combination of performances. 

Keep your base modest and eye makeup simple to make your lips stand out. Also, don't forget the shiny, shiny and clear luster.

'In order to complement the new bronze, you need to replace the natural fluorescent pen with a pearly shade with a fluorescent pen with a golden shade'

Then, complementary Select the color of the engraving. 

Nothing feels more like a subtly carved face.

However, if you have a new bronze skin, you need to think about the color of the product you are using.

Dew highlightergives you the look of an enviable glossy donut, but if you choose the wrong shade of donut, it will be less glossy and flashy. I can see. 

A natural fluorescent pen with a pearly shade should be replaced with a golden shade fluorescent pen to complement the new bronze. On the other hand, the blush of a pink liquid dissolves in a light yellowish brown in an appropriate way. 

For deeper tans, try bright orange and pink blush to make them really stand out.

Similarly, make sure the reliable bronzer and contours match the new deep shades. You need to prevent it from fading into a new tan, strengthen it and add a definition.

You can also use a very dark self-tan to make a'tan-tour' face. Usually you just need to outline and add a shade of dark tan where you want to blend it. Life depends on it. 

The contours look so natural that people will think you were born with the most carved bone structure.

There is something in the tan that surprises us. It's the ultimate accessory. 

But to reach even more brilliance goals, you need to enhance it in your beauty routine. 

Whether you want a fresh look with fake freckles or a fiery carved complexion, make the most of its brilliance with your makeup. ..